How To Activate OnePlus Game mode

More and more Android phones add their own optimizations for games , something that OnePlus has been doing for some time. Formerly it was ‘Fnatic Mode’ and now it has a somewhat more folksy name, the game mode .

This gaming-centric place has tools that can make your gaming sessions with a OnePlus mobile much more bearable. We tell you what this OnePlus game mode consists of and everything you can do with it .

How to activate game mode

First of all, the OnePlus game mode is more or less automatic, so that most of the time you don’t need to do anything. Game mode is activated when the system recognizes the game you are using . In this case, the text Game mode is on is temporarily displayed overlaid on the screen.

This game recognition is not infallible – especially for new releases – so sometimes you will have to force it to recognize an application as a game . You can do this by opening the Games application in the launcher, opening the ⋮ menu, and clicking Add games . Then, choose the game from the list of installed apps.

Game mode starts automatically in apps recognized as games. You can add apps manually from the settings

With game mode activated, you can unfold the tool panel by swiping down from one of the top corners . This shows you the game mode control panel, in which you can access the available tools.

What you can do with game mode

The game mode is controlled from the toolbar, although some optimizations work in the background. For example, in the settings you can choose whether you want performance optimizations to be applied including graphics optimization, touch response improvement, and smart grid switching. Both are disabled by default.

Pro game mode

Among the buttons that appear on the game mode toolbar is Game Mode Pro , which is even more radical than normal mode. For starters, block all notifications and calls , so nothing distracts you from your goal.


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