How to activate music in Instagram Stories

Uploading stories on Instagram is one of the most frequent activities in recent times, to make these publications much more striking, fun and entertaining, the social network offers you the option of including the music of your choice from your Android or iOS devices , either songs that are trendy or allusive to the story you are publishing .

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  1. How to add music on Instagram Stories photos and videos?
    1. Using app music
    2. With a VPN
    3. Using StoryBeat
  2. How is music added to stories from a company account?
  3. What is done to solve the problem when music cannot be played?
    1. Update the app
    2. Clear cache
    3. Uninstall the apps
    4. Connecting to a stable WiFi network

How to add music on Instagram Stories photos and videos?

When you decide to add music to your Instagram Stories photos and videos, you can do it in different ways, modify the duration of the music in the application or by resorting to external tools or applications that allow it and thus give your followers something different and much more interesting. .

Using app music

Whether you are using your personal account or that of your company, it is always important that the content you publish is of interest, so putting music to your photos or videos can be a plus to gain followers and improve the interaction with those who follow you, so if you want to place app music do the following:

  1. Enter your Instagram account and proceed to upload a story.
  2. After having the image you are going to publish ready, click on the stickers icon at the top.
  3. Choose the “Music” icon to open the library and see all the songs that the application offers you.
  4. Find the song by writing down its name and add a fragment to the photo.
  5. In case you are going to publish a video, you must search for the song before making the video so that it plays in the background of the video, selecting the music option located at the bottom of the record button.

With a VPN

Sometimes the Music Sticker does not appear due to your geographical location, so there is the possibility of changing your VPN and being able to access the option to add music to the stories . In this case you could use the VPN Master application by following the following steps:

  1. Install the VPN App and configure the zone.
  2. Uninstall Instagram for a few minutes and reinstall it.
  3. Go to Instagram and proceed to upload the story by adding music to it.
  4. Disconnect the VPN and for safety change the password of your social network.

Using StoryBeat

It may happen that it is not enough to use the music provided by the Instagram social network, either due to problems with the application , geographical location or age of your Instagram, in that case you can go to the StoryBeat application that is linked to the renowned service company multimedia Spotify offering you all the trending songs Use it as follows:

  1. Open StoryBeat and accept the terms of use for it to link to your gallery on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Create your story and choose the image from the gallery to upload the story.
  3. Press continue and then click on the upper right button of the application.
  4. Now select the music at the bottom left.
  5. You will immediately see the top 100 and top 100 global music.
  6. Then choose the song and cut the fragment you want to use.
  7. Press the “Share” option and select the box that says “Free.”
  8. Finally, choose the application where you are going to share the story, in this case it would be in your Instagram stories and that’s it.

How is music added to stories from a company account?

The use of music in the stories of business accounts is limited to using copyright-free music without much variety, therefore it is necessary that you modify the category of your company to that of “Entrepreneur” as follows:

  1. Enter your business Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Choose to edit profile and look for the line called “Category”.
  3. Select the “Entrepreneur” option, confirm the action and you will have access to all the music in the application.

What is done to solve the problem when music cannot be played?

As has been mentioned on occasions, Instagram does not allow you to put music to your stories or ask your followers for musical suggestions , either due to problems of geographical location or age of the account, in addition to this it can also happen that the problem lies in the lack of App update, cache memory saturation, application or internet error.

Update the app

Keeping the application updated will always be a good solution to avoid inconveniences, since it is possible that having an old version of Instagram prevents the Music Sticker from appearing to add it to your stories on the social network.

Clear cache

It may happen that both the Instagram application and other applications on your Android or iOS device are saturated with cache memory , so it is important to carry out a continuous cleaning of the applications, in this case go to the phone settings, search for Instaran in the area of applications and proceed to clear the cache.

Uninstall the apps

When the problems persist when trying to put music to your Instagram stories, it is possible that there is an error in the application , that it is not working well or it deserves more space on the device, in this case you can proceed to uninstall the little-used applications and restart the Instagram uninstalling it for a few minutes to reinstall it and publish the Stories.

Connecting to a stable WiFi network

It is no secret to anyone that having an optimal internet connection is essential for any application to function correctly, then you must connect to a stable WIFI network so that when you upload the story you will see the available stickers and that when you select “music Look at the list of songs available without any connection problem.

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