How to Activate Luminous Light Theme in Windows 10

Since Windows 10 was released and with the new additions and changes it has made in its most recent updates. This operating system is committed to showing surprising ways to personalize its interface. This time we want to show you the newest thing that it brings and how to activate the luminous light theme in Windows 10, easy and fast.

Everyone who has used this new operating system has already seen the incredible images that it offers us as wallpaper, as well as other changes that make it more attractive to our eyes. But now they present us with a new and incredible theme, which has a very remarkable design, the light or bright theme and which is now available to all its users.

But for you to enjoy this new addition, you will have to activate it yourself, but don’t worry, if you follow our instructions exactly, this will be a piece of cake. Something that has been known for our tutorial, as in the case we teach you how to download official themes for Windows 10 in a very simple way.

How to activate luminous light theme in Windows 10

Get ready because next we are going to show you what you should do so that you have the new luminous theme of Windows 10 on your PC . That will give your screen an impressive brightness and will surely leave you speechless. But remember that you can only count on this new theme, if you have the update for the month of May 2019.

Now in order to  activate the luminous light theme in Windows 10 , you must do the following, first you must go to the Windows icon and click on it. Or to make it more direct, press the Windows + I keys to open the Settings window and while in it you must choose the Personalize option and then find and select the Themes option.

Steps to activate luminous light theme in Windows 10

Here you can see that you have a new theme this is called Windows (lightweight) , the next step is to select this theme and then you must wait for the changes to be applied. This action will generate changes in the wallpaper, since this theme brings with it a new Wallpaper. So to prevent your wallpaper from changing, you can do the following.

In the options found on the left side, from the Personalization menu choose Colors, then on the right side you will find the option Choose colors. You must click on the arrow, to bring up a menu with various options. Change to Dark first, then change it again and now choose Light, so that the new Windows 10 luminous theme can be applied .

Now you must make other adjustments, so that you can enjoy bright whites, for this you are going to go to the Transparency effect option in this window. This is under the Choose Colors option And here you must deactivate this option, to do this, click on the switch and slide it to the left, this will also help you improve the appearance.

Another option that you can modify from here is Choose the accent color , and that this option modifies the taskbar, the start menu and the activity center. You can also choose whether to modify the borders of the windows or the title bar. The important thing about all this is that you can make the choice that you like the most and experiment with the designs.

You realize how simple and easy it can be to make impressive changes to your operating system and   activate the luminous light theme in Windows 10. Also remember that all these changes are one hundred percent personify them and you can make all the changes you want and it is not We need to explain what you should do at this point.


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