How to activate Hype card

Have you heard about virtual cards online to pay for purchases online and also in stores but you still have no idea how to apply for a card and which one to choose? Some time ago I had already talked about virtual credit cards talking about the Yap card , today I will explain how to activate the Hype card , a very popular prepaid credit card.

Having a virtual credit card is important because it allows you to make online purchases in complete safety, it will not expose you to risks by using it even on untrustworthy sites. If you have to buy on foreign sites, for example  wish  and you don’t want to use paypal then it is really a valid alternative.

But enough of useless preambles and let’s see immediately what it is and how to request a hype card.


  • What is the Hype card
  • How to activate Hype card
    • Register for Hype
    • How to activate the HYPE card

What is the Hype card

The Hype card is a digital product of the Banca Sella Group and performs the same functions as a credit card and current account (you will have your own personal IBAN) but at no cost. With the Hype card you can:

  • Shop Online
  • Make purchases in stores (via POS)
  • Withdraw from ATMs (without any commission
  • make and receive wire transfers

You can manage the Hype credit card directly from your smartphone thanks to the convenient app.

With Hype you can choose to have only the virtual credit card that will allow you to buy online or to also have the physical credit card which is completely free and will be sent directly to your home. With the physical credit card you can also make purchases in stores (via POS) and withdraw from ATMs.

How to activate Hype card

Register for Hype

The procedure to register for Hype is quite fast and is the first step to have this virtual credit card and to perform it you will only need a valid identity document. To register for Hype you can use both the PC by connecting to the Hype website and pressing the button at the top right that says Register , and the Hype app (available for iOS and Android ) with your smartphone and the procedure is basically the same.

On the first screen, choose the rate plan you prefer taking into account that the Start plan is the only one that is completely free.

At this point in the next screen you will have to enter your personal data (name, surname, social security number, email, telephone etc.) and press the Continue button at the bottom right. On the next page you will need to complete your personal data. Once the post code has been entered, the other fields will be filled automatically. Enter your residential address and click Continue .

On the next screen you need to specify what type of Hype card you want to request. You can also request only the virtual credit card if you only need to make internet purchases but know that the physical credit card is free and will allow you to withdraw at any ATM without commissions. Then select the cards you want to receive and click on the Continue button .

On the next screen you will need to take a selfie while holding your ID card. Make sure that the details of the document are clearly visible (for more information see the support pages for sending the photo); if you are using a PC you can take the photo directly from the webcam or via any device and then download it to your PC and drag it to the appropriate box. Then insert the details of the document (which is visible in the photo) and take a photo of the front and back of the document. When you are done click on Continue .

At this point the user agreement of the service will be displayed, which you can print; to continue click on Continue . At this point the procedure for registering with Hype is completed and you will receive confirmation emails with the most important information for using the service.

Inside the email, click on Create codes ; you will be directed to a page from which you must complete the form and press the Continue button . Now enter the codes you will receive via text message and email in the appropriate spaces and press Continue . Now enter the password you want to use with Hype and press Continue .

Now you have completely finished the procedure to register for Hype, you just have to use hype with the virtual credit card and wait for the physical prepaid credit card (if you have requested it) which, once received, will require a further effort to activate the Hype card .

How to activate the HYPE card

If you have requested a prepaid credit card in addition to the virtual credit card, wait for it to be delivered by post to the address you chose when registering with Hype. The card will be sent to you inactive, once received you will then have to activate it.

To activate the Hype card you will need to download the Hype app available for iOS and Android on your smartphone .

Once the app is installed, open it and log in. From the app, press the button with the credit card symbol at the bottom. From here press on the word Activate physical card and then enter the 3-digit CVV code that you find on the back of the credit card.

In conclusion, the procedure for registering with Hype and activating the Hype card is very simple and you can complete it from the comfort of your home using a PC or smartphone. The Hype prepaid credit card is completely free and offers many advantages and is a valid option for making purchases in complete safety on the internet.

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