How To Activate fixed or mobile speed camera warning on Google Maps

Many drivers consider activating the fixed or mobile speed camera warning on Google Maps to avoid speeding tickets. It is a function that is included by default and, being in an app as popular as Google Maps, logically its use is 100% legal.

In fact, the location of the DGT radars can be found on its official website, in the case of fixed radars they all appear, while mobile radars are approximate positions . Google Maps uses official information, and also that provided by the users themselves.

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Of course, in Google Maps , 100% of the radars do not appear , since the mobile locations that are changing are joined by those that are placed by the various municipalities independently of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

Before thinking about the radars, perhaps we should activate the speed limits in Google Maps , which combines the speedometer integrated in the app with the information of the maximum speeds of the road network. In this way, we will not only avoid fines, but we will also make sure to travel within the limits of each road.

Strictly, it is not necessary to activate anything in Google Maps, the speed camera warning is enabled by default , and there is not even a way to remove it. It is considered basic information of the route, such as traffic jams, sections under construction, the accident notice or the list of gas stations on Google Maps .

Unfortunately, in Google Maps there is no radar search engine , we can see them on the route if we expand it and it warns us when we approach each radar , but without a specific section for them.

On the other hand, it is possible to take a look at the radars before a trip to get an idea of ​​what awaits us:

  • First we choose the destination with the Google Maps search engine, and click on “How to get there” :
  • After choosing the starting point, we get the route with the incidents, among them are the fixed and mobile radars , also the warning of traffic jams, works, traffic lights and other useful information.
  • On this screen you can change the route, for example, to avoid tolls on Google Maps or choose a different route. Unfortunately, to see the radars we must get closer to the blue line , by pinching with two fingers on the touch screen, there is no list available.
  • In addition, when clicking on a radar, extra details are shown , in the case of fixed ones they do not contribute much, but in mobile radars it appears how many users have notified of their presence and how long ago they did so.
  • Once en route, the navigator warns us by sound when we are near a radar , so we do not have to memorize them, or be aware of the screen.
  • On the other hand, we can add a new radar warning while we are in the browser, we will press the “+” icon inside a conversation bubble to do so:
  • Now it only remains to indicate the type of incident so that it is added to Google Maps:

Although the information from fixed and mobile radars does not seem in danger for now, the DGT wants to prevent apps from warning of police controls (alcohol, drugs and other types), so it is something that we should not count on face to face to the future.

In summary, it is not necessary to activate the warning of fixed and mobile speed cameras in Google Maps , the function is integrated by default like many other driving aids. Although its use is legal, it never hurts to remember the importance of respecting speed limits to avoid accidents, regardless of whether there is a risk of being fined or not.

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