How to Activate Dark Mode Theme in Android Studio

Are you a person interested in the world of computer programming? If so, surely you are very interested in creating the software or program called Android Studio. This program is very useful in the field of programming, but did you know that the dark mode theme in Android Studio is available? In this article you will discover how to activate this dark mode in Android Studio. 

Android Studio

The program called Android Studio, is a tool designed by Google for various functions related to the programming and creation of mobile applications . If you want to develop a mobile application for Android; learn to program Android games, work as a mobile application programmer, or start your own application development company; this tool is perfect for you.

However, in order to use this software and program applications, you must have a basic understanding of the Java programming language . Android Studio uses the official Google IDE system, which stands for Integrated Development Environment.

In this program called Android Studio, we can use three programming languages among which are: Java , C ++ and Kotlin . The latter was integrated into Android Studio since its version 3.0, but having knowledge of the Java programming language, we will not have problems with the Kotlin programming language.

By remembering this information, we can evaluate our ability to use Android Studio to create Android mobile applications . Now maybe you already have all this knowledge and are using Android studio, so how can you enable dark mode in Android Studio?

Dark mode in Android Studio

The dark mode is a function that helps us reduce the brightness of the applications . This is quite useful if we work or use electronic devices. Although it can be used at any time, the dark mode can help us mainly at night.

There are advantages to using this dark mode in Android Studio. One of them is that, thanks to the dark mode, we can use the software to program at night, reducing the damage to our eyes due to the brightness of the LED screen.

Now, how can we activate this dark mode in the Android Studio program? Well, we can activate this dark mode by following these simple steps that will be shown below. The first thing to do is run the Android Studio application. Whether we use a Windows or Mac operating system, the dark mode activation steps are the same for both cases.

Once the Android Studio program is executed, we go to the toolbar located at the top of the application and click on the “File” option. There a menu with different options will be displayed. We must click on the option that says “Setting” and when we do, a box with multiple options will appear.

In the box we select the first option that says “Appearance” and then in subject , we will click the option of “Darcula” and it will automatically switch to dark mode. We finish by clicking on the “apply” button followed by “ok”.

In this easy and fast way we can change the appearance of the Android Studio program and activate the dark mode. These steps do not have any complications. Keep in mind that by doing so, you will help and protect your vision a lot when programming with this great software called Android Studio.

Remember that if you have a basic knowledge of the Java programming language, you can use this program without any problem. But if you want to know more information about the best applications for programming, you can explore this topic on our website.

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