How to activate Chrome’s RSS reader

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android brings us many new features, but one of the ones that has pleased us the most is the RSS reader with which we can have a complete feed of our favorite websites without having to access the news at the same time Next, we will tell you how you can activate the RSS reader .

An RSS reader is the method by which we can read the news or news of a website from the same place, in this case we can see all the news of our favorite websites from a tab that is next to the “Discover” of the feed of Google.

The version 94 of Chrome brings us through the “flags” a feature that is still in development, but we can try, and is the RSS reader that can enable our Android browser with few steps simple you have to follow.

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Activate the RSS reader in Chrome for Android

As we have said before, we will show you how you can activate the news reader or feed of your favorite websites in Chrome for Android from the “flags” experimental functions that help us a lot to test new browser functions, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. First of all you will need to have the latest version of Chrome for Android , for this you can make sure that you have it from Google Play.
  2. If so, you will have to open a new Chrome tab and type the following:

“chrome: // flags”

  1. Now you will access the “flags” of Chrome, an area where you can activate or deactivate experimental functions, such as the RSS reader.
  2. In the search box type “web-feed” .
  1. Now you must leave it in “Enabled” to be able to activate the news or RSS reader.
  1. Click on “Relaunch” for Chrome to apply the changes and now we can follow the news from our favorite websites.
  1. To be able to follow a website you will have to click on the 3 dots in the upper right area of ​​Chrome and the option to “Follow” will appear at the bottom .
  1. When you click on “Follow” at that time a new tab will appear in the “Discover” area of Google, where you can see another called “Following”. In this tab the news of the websites you follow will appear.

Currently being an experimental function, it only works correctly with US websites , so for Spanish websites to appear, we assume that we will have to wait for the full version of this function to be able to see all the news from our favorite websites without interruptions. .

This is the way we can activate the RSS reader for Chrome for Android and with which you can read the best news from your favorite websites. And as we have said before we will have to wait for it to reach its stable version so that it works with all the websites we want.

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