How to activate bedtime alarm on iPhone

Activating the bedtime or bedtime alarm on iPhone iOS is quite a useful option if you want to control your sleep schedules. Either to sleep more or sleep at more reasonable hours . With the rhythm of day to day, most people go to a thousand revolutions per minute.

Remember to upgrade to one of the latest existing Apple iOS mobile operating system versions .

Many wake up very early and go to bed very late in order to fulfill their daily responsibilities. This can cause the sleep schedule and quality to be affected. Which in the long run brings health problems.

Activate bedtime or bedtime alarm on iPhone iOS to improve your sleep schedules

With the Clock application on your iPhone you can set a sleep schedule that meets the recommended number of hours to have a good rest. Follow this series of steps to activate the bedtime or bedtime alarm on iPhone iOS and start sleeping better.

These alarms in one way or another go hand in hand with activating and configuring the do not disturb mode of Android or iPhone , since they serve a purpose, not similar, but to improve the quality of life.

Establish a sleep schedule

If you’ve never used this option, the first time you want to set a sleep time, the application will ask you a series of questions to help you set your sleep time. Within the Clock application of your iPhone, locate and select the “Bedtime” section . Press the “start” option and start making the adjustments. Once you have finished, press “ok”.


From now on, your phone will remind you of the time to go to bed. It will also notify you of the time to get up. If you want your sleep schedules better, it is best to observe these hours to the letter.

What to do to turn the bedtime on or off?

Also, there are days where you don’t need to go to sleep and wake up at such specific times, for example, on weekends. For those days you can deactivate the bedtime to activate it later during the week.

However, sometimes it can also be useful to set the alarm on your iPhone when it is turned off , since you never know when an extra push will be needed.

In the Clock application select the option ” Bedtime “. In the ” Schedule ” section, click on the option you want to deactivate, whether it’s time to sleep or wake up. Slide the bedtime, or alarm button to turn it on or off.

This will be updated automatically in the reminder. Also, at the bottom, select the days on which you want to activate the bedtime alarm or bedtime on iPhone iOS .

Sleep history tracking

In the same way, in this application you can track your sleep history. This way you can see more clearly how your new bedtime is going and how well you stick to it.

For this, in the clock application, you must select the option ” Bedtime ” and click on ” Analysis “. There you will see your recent history. For example, how many times you’ve snoozed your alarm or how long you stay in bed after waking up.


Set Bedtime

In the “ Bedtime ” section, in addition to activating the bedtime or bedtime alarm on iPhone iOS, you can also configure certain aspects that will help you have a better sleep schedule. They are between them:

Set the minutes between each bedtime reminder. Keep track of the time you stay in bed after waking up. As well as the number of hours you use the iPhone just before sleeping.

Activate or deactivate the ” Do not disturb ” option when the sleep schedule is active. This causes the screen to dim and the notification sounds to mute to prevent your sleep from being interrupted.

The sound you want for the alarm. The volume level you want the alarm to ring at. If you want to keep a deeper record of the history of your dreams, you can use the iOS 13 Health app in conjunction with the clock. This way you will have a more complete observation of your sleep schedules.


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