How to activate Android panic button for WhatsApp

The panic button function is very useful in the event that you feel that your mobile and information are in danger. For this reason, we have prepared a guide telling you in which we will talk about How to activate the Android panic button for WhatsApp easily?

What is the panic button?

When we talk about the panic button, we are specifically referring to a function that will allow us to get away from malicious programs and applications that could damage our device. This is a function that many users have been waiting for, since today Android is also a prey to computer viruses and hackers.

Why is the panic button function necessary?

As we noted earlier, viruses and other hacking- related problems are very prevalent on mobile devices. In fact, today hackers exhaustively seek to break into mobiles, which also includes Android devices.

Using the panic button it is possible to make the pertinent changes to eliminate the danger related to a virus or hacker activity. Likewise, it is recommended that you know which are the best antivirus for Android. Therefore, you can protect the information that you store on your device.

It should be noted that this function is not specific to any application, so we cannot say that it belongs directly to WhatsApp or to an Android App . In fact, the panic button is part of the operating system since it is one of the functions built into recent versions of the software.

How to activate Android panic button for WhatsApp easily?

As we noted earlier, the panic button function is not specific or exclusive to WhatsApp. In fact, it is present within the operating system natively in the most recent versions of the program.

Certainly, the procedure to activate the so-called panic button within Android is very simple. It will only suffice to “press the back button more than four times very quickly” . Doing this will activate the panic feature that has been included in Android devices with its latest versions.

When to activate the panic button function in Android?

The function of the panic button will be very useful to get away from the danger posed by a malicious application or program. For this reason, if you notice that your device freezes when using an application or if it indicates a suspicious attitude on the part of installed software, you should use the panic button function. If you want to avoid this problem in the future, it is essential that you learn how to avoid installing malicious applications from the Play Store .

What to do after activating the panic button on Android?

Once you have activated the panic button function within Android, the system will isolate the application and redirect you to the main menu, also known as “Home”. This will allow you to access the advanced configuration options, a space through which it is also possible to access the applications section.

Going to the applications section, it is possible to uninstall suspicious software, permanently eliminating it and freeing yourself from the risk that its use could entail.

The panic button and WhatsApp

Although we previously pointed out that the WhatsApp application is not directly related to the panic button, the truth is that it is one of the main sources through which a malicious program or content can be sent. Although this is more common in the case of having a “pirated” version of the WhatsApp application .

In any case, if the WhatsApp application behaves strangely or hangs, it is advisable to use the panic button function and permanently uninstall this App, since you may be the victim of a software counterfeit. Otherwise, it is advisable to update WhatsApp to the latest version every time it is necessary. In this way, you will avoid errors in the application and you will be able to enjoy the news that it offers.

Understanding the above, it is highly recommended that you always install the applications directly from the official Google store (Play Store), since it is the only space through which you can obtain reliable applications and verified directly by the company.


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