How to activate and renew the electronic DNI certificates?

Do you need to carry out any legal, fiscal, financial procedure , check the points of the driver’s license or any other online application? So we encourage you to review this article very well, here we will teach you how to activate and renew the electronic DNI certificates step by step.

How to Activate and Renew the Electronic DNI Certificates? – Step by Step

How can you activate and renew the electronic DNI certificate? – Step by Step

There are basically two very simple steps that we will point out below:

Step 1: Go to the police station

  • If you are doing this procedure for the first time, request an appointment online from the official website of the Police Station, and you should go to the one closest to your home.
  • You must record the following items: Birth Certificate, Recent Photograph, Registration Certificate, and pay a fee in cash.
  • In the Police Station you will find the DNI update points, they are machines that have a fingerprint reader and electronic DNI; There you can create your PIN to activate and then renew your DNI certificate when necessary. Even with this certificate you can search people by names and surnames for any registry or civil information.


  • The first thing you need is to download the DNI software on the National Police Corps page, this can be done from your Google Chrome browser preferably, as it will not generate errors.
  • While on the National Police Corps page, go to the Downloads area section , click on Windows.
  • It will refer you to the Software for Windows window , choose the one that is compatible with the version you have installed on your PC and with your processor.
  • Now start the download of the DNI certificate by clicking on MDS , wait a few seconds, click on accept , and then follow the instructions in the corresponding windows by clicking on continue , finally click on install.

Step 2: Configure the DNI Hardware

  • You will need an external device with a DNI 3.0 smart card reader , this can be connected to your PC by enabling a USB port , make sure you get a good brand.
  •  To verify if the DNI installation took you, go to the Windows Start menu , click Devices and Printers, there you can view it as a smartcard to verify its correct installation.

How to use the DNI certificate?

  •  Insert your DNI card in the device slot to read the chip; When you perform this process in Devices and Printers, you should recognize it as a smart card.
  • When entering a website that requests authentication with a DNI certificate; Either in the Treasury, or in some other website, it will automatically detect it, click on accept.
  • In the Smart Card dialog box, it will ask for your PIN, enter it and finally click on accept.

How can you activate and renew the electronic DNI certificate?

  • If your DNI certificate has expired, expired or due to lack of use, it is no longer operational, then you can go to the Police Station.
  • At the update point you will see the option Operate with the electronic DNI , it will ask you to enter with the DNI reader, click on Start.
  • Enter your password, although if you forgot it the system will ask you to place one of your index fingers on the fingerprint reader.
  • When you have been identified, the system will ask you to choose a new password, confirm it again.
  • Then your data and information of the DNI certificate will appear, there it will show you a message with the expiration date.
  •  Here you will also have the option to update the certificate; thus it will have been renewed. Then it will show you the new expiration date; indicating that the electronic DNI certificate is already valid.

Electronic identity in today’s world is a matter of utmost importance for every citizen . For this reason, we hope that our post on how to activate and renew electronic DNI certificates will be useful for you to carry out virtual procedures quickly and safely.


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