How to act if you did not receive SMS with the activation code “Telegram”

The Telegram messenger is in great demand among users every day. In addition to the basic communication and data transfer options between people, the application has many advantages that make it stand out from the competition. This is both unique data encryption and useful Telegram functionality used both for entertainment purposes and for doing business.

Registering an account does not take much time, its process is simple and does not require special skills. But, despite the simplicity of registration in “Telegram” , sometimes errors occur in the form of not receiving the activation code on the phone. In this case, you will not be able to create an account. The same situation is relevant for the old-timers of the application, when it becomes impossible to log into your own profile due to the fact that the SMS with the code does not come.

When codes are required

The one-time password entry method is used by many services, for example, online banks or payment systems. Codes come to “Telegram” in such cases:

  • when registering a new account;
  • when you log into your account from another device;
  • when changing the phone number to which the profile is linked;
  • if the last session was completed by logging out of the account;
  • when deleting a profile.

Any of these actions requires confirmation, so a code will be sent to the phone of the user who is linked to the account when requested. It must be driven into the corresponding line of the messenger, but often the numbers from the SMS do not require input. The app is connected to the phone and has access to messages, so the code will be automatically added to the field.

How to install Telegram and create an account

You can create your profile in Telegram both on your computer and on your phone. When you install the messenger on your mobile device, the service is synchronized with the phone book, and also automatically binds your number. To do this, follow these steps:

  • go to the application store, find the version for your OS there;
  • click the “Install” button to download.

On a computer, the installation process looks a little different:

  • download the installation file corresponding to your OS from the official website of the application;
  • run it, there should be no difficulties with the installation wizard.

After Telegram is installed, you need to create an account. The scheme for registering an account on phones, tablets and PCs is the same.

  • after starting the downloaded application file, you will need to bind the phone number by specifying its numbers in the line;
  • wait for the activation code of your profile. The procedure may take some time. When the SMS message with the code is received, it must be entered in the appropriate field.

The application is now ready to go. If you do not receive an SMS containing information about the code, the problem is solved in several ways.

What to do when the activation code does not come

When registering an account, you can encounter various errors. If you do not receive a code when registering in Telegram, the first thing to do is to wait a little or try again after a while. Perhaps the problem is related to the work of the mobile operator. There may be several reasons why the password cannot be obtained. Most often this is due to a cellular signal or an incorrect indication of the phone number. Also, such SMS messages may not come, because they were regarded by the operator as spam and blocked. Ways of solving, if the number is entered correctly, but the password did not come:

  • registration using voice setting;
  • message to the support service “Telegram” ;
  • a call to a cellular operator.

Registration without phone number

It is impossible to activate a new account without linking a mobile number. If you do not want to “shine” your phone number , you can register as follows:

  • using virtual number services;
  • thanks to the Skype application , which allows you to buy an online number, to which you will receive a password for activation;
  • the most affordable way is to get a regular SIM card, which can only be used for registration.

In any case, the problem with the SMS code, if you do everything correctly, can have only three reasons:

  • Malfunctions or failure on the side of the Telegram application. This may be a non-working program downloaded from a third-party site, and not from the official application store, an outdated version, or a problem with the Internet on the phone. Installing the latest official version of the application can help.
  • Problems on the side of the mobile operator – unstable communication, various failures. SMS messages may be delayed for various reasons or may not arrive at all due to the operator’s fault. Reboot the phone, it is possible that during its re-registration in the network, it will receive all unreceived messages.
  • Please note that Telegram is blocked by Roskomnadzor in Russia. Mobile operators are required to comply with this law and can simply block all messages from this service. In general, due to locks, it can be unstable in general. If all else fails, perhaps a call to the operator will help clarify the issue.

When you can do without code

Provided that you have logged out of the messenger without leaving your account, the program will not require you to enter the password again on subsequent launches on this device. It will be impossible to enter the profile from a new device without activation.

The problem with the absence of a message with a code is a frequent phenomenon, and every user can face it. Despite the fact that the Telegram developers do not yet provide an opportunity to work with an account without binding a mobile number, the problem of login error can be easily solved.

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