How to access YouTube in China?

China undoubtedly has its charm and many Italians and Italians seem to be enraptured by it. Not only that, in recent years China has become a real economic empire for which many are going to live there in search of fortune.

However, we must keep in mind that, in the East, some things work in a diametrically opposite way. One of these is undoubtedly the freedom of expression and information.
Unfortunately, the Chinese government is unwilling to allow its citizens too much freedom, so services like Chinese YouTube are not available.

The same thing also applies to Facebook, but this is another matter, although the points in common are many. In this article we will see in detail how to access YouTube in China by bypassing government cyber blocks.
I guess you have already heard or read of numerous Italians successfully using VPNs in China . What are? What are they for?

Contents of the article

  • Why doesn’t YouTube in China work?
  • What is a VPN and how can you connect to Chinese YouTube.
  • Are VPNs in China legal?

Why doesn’t YouTube in China work?

Before understanding why so many Italians and Italians can’t do without VPNs in China , let’s try to understand why you don’t hear about Chinese YouTube .

The Chinese government tries to do everything to limit the freedoms of its citizens, including preventing access to certain sites. How is this block operated?

Obviously these are automated computer blocks, that is, they are systems capable of detecting the IP address of users if they make attempts to connect to sites considered illegal.
No matter what the device or operating system is, any attempt will be completely useless.

That’s why there is no YouTube China like the Italian one, no one could view it. At first glance, all that remains is to give up, but luckily the way to access YouTube in China exists and is within anyone’s reach.

Use your brain to access Chinese YouTube.

That’s right, you got it right. The only way to access YouTube in China is to use your brain. Fortunately, you will not have to make a lot of effort but you will have to pay close attention to some details. I guess you’re sick of not having YouTube China available .

Chinese Youtube

The first detail, which is also the most important, is the IP address. As already mentioned, it is that element that indicates to Chinese computer systems the attempt to connect to a Western site.
Once the request is intercepted, it is interrupted and consequently the connection attempt is also interrupted.

In other words, the only way to access YouTube in China is to bypass Chinese servers. Did you understand why our fellow citizens can’t do without VPNs in China ?



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What is a VPN and how can you connect to Chinese YouTube.

Before using a VPN in China , let’s take a closer look at what it is. VPN is an acronym that indicates the ” Virtual Private Network “. In Italian we would translate them with the expression “Private Virtual Networks”.

The name already says it all, that is, they are in effect networks that work in a very particular way. Normally, when we connect with normal network providers, they “take” the request made by our device through our IP and “send” it to the site we want to visit. On the other hand, something else happens with the VPN.

Thanks to it there is no longer a direct connection with the site we intend to visit, as it acts as a real bypass. In this way, our real IP address is also hidden because we are assigned that of the VPN servers we have chosen.

Here is the real trick to access YouTube in China .


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YouTube China? No, YouTube what you want.

Obviously there is no YouTube China like YouTube Italy, but thanks to the VPN it doesn’t matter, you will have access to all the other versions you want.
Our fellow citizens who are currently using VPNs in China say they are quite happy with it. Visiting your favorite sites becomes really easy with a good VPN.

VPN in china

Later we will analyze them in more detail. Keep in mind that the best VPN companies have numerous servers located in different areas of the world.

Therefore, if you want to connect to YouTube Italy, simply start the VPN and choose one of its servers located in Italy. Easier done than said.

Don’t waste time trying to connect to Chinese YouTube , you’ll never make it.

Are VPNs in China legal?

Good question! As far as we know, the use of VPNs in China is perfectly legal, although the websites of these companies are also blocked.
If you are going to China, know that VPNs are of no use, unless you download them before you leave.

The only way to access YouTube in China is to use a good VPN. Remember to download the application on your devices before departure and not after. This way, once you get there, you don’t even need to open your browser.

Start the VPN you purchased and connect to as many sites as you want, in spite of the Chinese government banning Chinese YouTube . The best around? Express VPN , Nord VPN , CyberGhost and Private VPN .

VPN in China or even at home?

This is also a good question, but at least we already know the answer.

The 4 companies listed above all have 3 strengths in common:

  1. They all adopt a strict “no log” policy, which means that none of your navigation data is saved.
  2. They improve the performance of your current connection.
  3. They are compatible with all devices and operating systems.

VPNs should be used anywhere and at all times, not just when we travel or stay in problem areas of the world.

The main purpose of VPNs is to protect the privacy of users: on the one hand they allow us to mask the IP, on the other they avoid saving any data relating to our browsing activities.

Thanks to their servers, they allow us, for example, to access YouTube in China.

Privacy is a right, stay informed to make sure it continues to be

Here you can find my reference articles on anonymous browsing , stay informed, don’t get fooled.

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