How to access the “Videos I like” option on YouTube?

The YouTube platform incorporates an option that allows us to view a complete list of all the videos that we have “liked”. In order to access this list, we simply have to click on the button “Videos that I like” in the main menu.

But if you do not know how to access this option, we invite you to read the following article where we will show you the step by step that you must follow to see the list of videos that you like on your YouTube account.

Steps to access the option “Videos that I like”

Users of the YouTube platform will be able to access the list of videos that I like both from the desktop version and from the application for mobile devices . In both cases the procedure is quite simple and fast.

Method 1: From the desktop version

Do you want to know which videos you have “liked” on YouTube? You can do it in a super easy way from the desktop version of this popular streaming video platform.

The first thing we must do is access the YouTube platform from our computer. You just have to open the browser and write the following web address

Once inside the platform we have to log in with our email and password . Now we press on the three horizontal stripes that appear in the upper left part of the screen and we click on the option “Library”

At the bottom of the page you will find a section with the title ” Videos that I like “. There, a complete list will appear with all the videos that you have “liked” within the platform. To access the complete list you just have to click on “See All”.

Click on “Videos I like”

There is a much easier and more direct way to access the list of videos that I like within Youtube. Here we explain it to you:

  1. OpenYoutube
  2. Clickon the three horizontal stripes (upper left corner)
  3. Click on the option ” Videos I like
  4. Done. You will have already accessed the list of all the videos that you liked within the platform.

Method 2: From the mobile application

Users who usually enter YouTube from the mobile application can also access the list of videos that have been liked within the platform. Here are the steps to follow :

First you must open the YouTube application on your mobile device. In case of not having an open session, simply indicate your email and password.

In the lower right corner of the screen you will find an option called ” Library “. You will need to click there to access a list of the most recent videos and playlists.

Below you will find the option “ Videos that I like ”. Tapping it will open a page with all the YouTube videos that you liked.

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