How TIMvision works on Smart TV

In the end, you too have decided to subscribe to TIMVISION , the famous TIM video streaming service, to watch the many films and TV series on the platform, but above all to watch the matches of your favorite team. Before putting your hand in your wallet and activating one of the available offers, however, you would like to deepen its functioning and be sure that the service in question is also accessible from your Smart TV .

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then let me tell you that today is your lucky day! With this guide, in fact, I will explain how TIMVISION works on Smart TVs , first of all indicating which TVs you can download and use the service app on. Next, you will find the detailed procedure for logging into your TIMVISION account and all the necessary instructions to take your first steps within this platform.

If that’s what you wanted to know, let’s not waste any more precious time and get to the heart of this tutorial. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you see fit and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. By following my instructions carefully, I assure you that you will be able to understand how TIMVISION works and play all the content you want directly from your Smart TV. Happy reading and, above all, good viewing!


  • How to use TIMVISION on Smart TV
    • How to download TIMVISION on Smart TV
    • How to access TIMVISION on Smart TV
    • How to watch TIMVISION on Smart TV
  • How TIMVISION works on non-Smart TVs

How to use TIMVISION on Smart TV

Before explaining in detail how TIMVISION works on Smart TVs , you must know that the application of the service in question cannot be installed directly on all Smart TVs, but only on Android TV , Samsung Smart TV (2014 and later models) , LG Smart TV with webOS operating system and Hisense Smart TV .

However, in the final paragraphs of this guide I will also list some devices that allow you to watch TIMVISION directly on your TV, both on Smart TVs that are not compatible with the service and on non-Smart TVs.

How to download TIMVISION on Smart TV

All you have to do to download TIMVISION on Smart TV is to access the reference store of your TV, search for the app in question and press the button to start the download and installation.

For example, if you are wondering how to download TIMVISION on Samsung Smart TV , first bring up the main menu of the TV by pressing the Home / Smart Hub button on the remote control, select the Apps option visible on the screen and press the OK button . Now, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right, type in the term “TIMVISION” and select the appropriate search result.

On the screen relating to the TIMVISION app, press the Install option to start downloading it, wait for the installation to be completed and press the Open item to start the app in question. Alternatively, you can also start TIMVISION from the Home screen or from the Apps section . For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to download apps on Samsung Smart TVs .

How do you say? Would you like to download TIMVISION on LG Smart TVs ? In this case, take your remote control, press the Home button (the house- shaped one ), select the LG Content Store option that appears on the screen and press the OK button , in order to access the virtual store of LG Smart TVs.

In the new screen displayed, press the magnifying glass icon , type “TIMVISION” in the appropriate field, select the service app in the search results and press the OK button on the remote control. In the TIMVISION tab, click on Install , wait for the download and installation to be completed and select the Start option to start TIMVISION. To learn more, you can check out my guide on how to download apps on LG Smart TV .

If, on the other hand, your intention is to download TIMVISION on Sony Smart TVs or download TIMVISION on Panasonic Smart TVs , I am sorry to tell you that it is not possible to do this because, as I have already mentioned to you in the opening lines of this guide, these TVs are not among the devices compatible with TIM’s video streaming service. However, you can always use one of the devices that allow you to connect TIMVISION to your TV .

How to access TIMVISION on Smart TV

After downloading and starting the TIMVISION app, you are ready to log into your account by selecting one of the available options. If, on the other hand, you do not yet have an account, you must know that from Smart TV it is not possible to register or subscribe to the service in question: to do this, you will necessarily have to proceed from a computer, smartphone or tablet, as I explained to you in my guide on how to register for TIMVISION .

Having said that, if you are a TIM customer on a landline and have connected your Smart TV to your home Internet network, select the option Log in with your TIM landline number and press the OK button on the remote control, in order to automatically access your account without necessarily entering the credentials.

Alternatively, select the Log in with your TIMVISION account option and, in the Log in to TIMVISION screen , enter the login data associated with your account in the fields Enter the TIMVISION account email and Enter password using the virtual keyboard that appears at screen. Then press the Next button and that’s it.

If you are having problems accessing TIMVISION because you do not remember the password associated with your account, you can select the Reset Password option which allows you to receive an email at the email address associated with your account and to set a new password. access.

How to watch TIMVISION on Smart TV

After logging into your account, on the TIMVISION main screen you can view some of the content available in the service catalog divided by category ( Recently added , TIMVISION exclusives , In the kingdom of adventure , Love parade , Most viewed etc. ).

Alternatively, then choose a content to watch either by selecting the Search option and entering the title in the appropriate field or by accessing the individual sections available in the sidebar on the left.

In particular, by pressing on the Cinema and Series items you can view all the films and TV series available on the platform, while by accessing the Entertainment section you can see the original TIMVISION productions, including some documentaries dedicated to the world of music and all the entertainment contents of discovery + , Discovery Italia’s video streaming service included in the TIMVISION subscription.

In the Kids section , you can find contents dedicated to the little ones, such as cartoons, programs dedicated to animal lovers and many other educational contents. By pressing, instead, on the Sport option , you can watch the live broadcast of the Eurosport channels (they are included for free in all TIMVISION offers for 12 months), all the Serie A women’s championship matches and access the TIMVISION and discovery + sports content.

Furthermore, by accessing the Replay section , you not only have the possibility to review the Mediaset TV programs broadcast in the last 7 days but also to access the live view of the Mediaset channels (eg Canale 5 , Canale 20 etc.), those of Discovery Italia (eg Real Time , NOVE , DMAX ) and other channels such as Spike and Paramount Channel .

You must know, however, that if you have activated the TIMVISION Football and Sport offer, it is not possible to see all Serie A matches, the Champions League and all other sports content included in the offer in question through the TIMVISION app for Smart TV. The same goes for offers that include access to Disney + and Netflix services . In this case, to watch the content of your interest you will necessarily have to download the individual reference applications (eg DAZN ).

After identifying the content you intend to watch, go to its poster and press the OK button on the remote control, to view all the details, such as the plot , the duration , the year of publication , the genre and the cast . Furthermore, if available for the chosen content, you can press on the Trailer option that allows you to see the trailer, while pressing on the Watch item , you can start playing the title in question.

At this point, by pressing the OK key and using the arrow keys on your remote control, you can stop / resume and possibly “scroll” the playback as many times as you wish. Furthermore, by pressing the speech bubble icon located at the bottom right, you can change the audio of the content being played and activate the subtitles .

Also, you should know that if you stop watching any content, you can resume it later from the exact point you left off. To do this, access the content of your interest and select the Continue watching option , while pressing the Watch from start button you can start playback from its beginning.

Finally, I would like to point out that by pressing on the Profile item located in the sidebar on the left, you can view your personal data and the devices associated with TIMVISION, activate the parental control and change the password of your account (option not available if you are logged in via telephone number).

On the other hand, by selecting the Change account option visible in the Personal area section and pressing the Next button , you can exit TIMVISION and possibly log in with a different account.

How TIMVISION works on non-Smart TVs

If your Smart TV is not among those on which you can download the TIMVISION app or if you have a TV without a direct connection to the Internet, you can always rely on one of the smart devices compatible with the service which, once connected to the HDMI port of the TV, they allow you to play all the contents of TIMVISION without any problem.

The first device of this kind that I recommend you use is the TIMVISION Box which, if you have activated any TIMVISION offer, was provided to you at no additional cost. It is an Android TV Box compatible with the DVB-T2 standard to be connected to the TV via an HDMI input and which allows you to transform a TV into a Smart TV .

This decoder allows you to watch all digital terrestrial channels, access installed “series” applications, such as DAZN , Netflix , Mediaset Play , Prime Video , YouTube etc. and to download others directly from the Play Store. In addition, it also allows you to view DAZN without the Internet .

Chromecast is another valid solution that you can consider to watch TIMVISION on non-Smart TVs or not compatible with the service app. It is a dongle produced by Google available in two different versions: a basic model , cheaper, which only allows the streaming of content transmitted from smartphones, tablets and PCs in Full HD, and the other, called Chromecast with Google TV , which supports 4k, is equipped with a remote control and allows you to download apps from the Play Store and use them directly on the device, without necessarily using a second device to broadcast the content to watch (which you can still do).

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