How the iPhone 13 Pro camera helps doctors work

Every year Apple introduces new exclusive features into its devices. There used to be a lot of them. Remember how many people stood in queues for the sake of the new iPhone 4s. Now you will not find this anymore. The mobile gadgets market seems to have reached its peak. True, see for yourself. In 2021, it is extremely difficult to surprise the user with some kind of innovation. In the iPhone 13, the autonomy was increased, finally, a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz appeared, and the camera was significantly improved. And still, many users are in no hurry to go to the store for new products and are content with what they already have, but some of them still find proper application for new technologies.

The camera in the new iPhone 13 Pro can replace expensive equipment for doctors.

Apple’s presentation was about to take place and, I must say, few people appreciated it. Many of my acquaintances generally consider the new iPad mini to be the main product of the presentation. By the way, our author Ivan Gerasimov has already talked about his impressions of this gadget , I recommend that you familiarize yourself.

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New camera in iPhone 13 Pro

The changes in the camera are quite large, see for yourself:

  • Added support for 3x optical zoom.
  • Improved ultra wide-angle camera: f / 1.8 aperture, autofocus and 6-element lens.
  • Width: f / 1.5 aperture, improved low-light performance.
  • Night mode works on all three lenses.
  • Support for portrait mode when shooting video with focus switching.
  • There are new camera filters.
  • Support for ProRes mode (will be available later).
  • Added support for macro photography.
  • Support for slow motion video when shooting macro objects.

“So what?” – Asks the average user. Indeed, cameras in new devices are updated every year. If you have the skill of a high-quality photo with all the details, including light, perspective, foreshortening, and the like, then even the iPhone 7 Plus will give you a high-quality picture. In many reviews, this is often spoken about, and I cannot disagree with these people.

It might seem like this only if you are using the camera solely for traditional purposes. You photograph yourself and your loved ones, friends, try to capture joyful moments from life. But if I tell you that a smartphone camera is little more than just a photo? However, now you will see everything for yourself.

What’s new in the iPhone 13 Pro camera.

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New Macro Mode on iPhone

As I wrote above, the camera of the new iPhone 13 Pro now has a macro mode for taking photos and videos from very close distances. It was possible to take macro photographs earlier, but when you bring the camera closer than 5 cm, it becomes almost impossible to focus, the lens simply does not catch the picture. Now this distance can be reduced to 2 cm .

This was noticed by San Diego -based ophthalmologist and digital health innovation specialist Tommy Korn. In his LinkedIn post this Wednesday, the doctor revealed that he actively uses the iPhone 13 Pro Max to take macro shots of his patients’ eyes:

Used an iPhone 13 Pro Max this week for macro eye shots. I am impressed. I will continue to introduce innovations in telemedicine and ophthalmology in particular. I wonder where this will lead in the end.

Thanks to the cool new iPhone camera feature , Tommy Korn can take very detailed eye photos, which allows him to better control the health of his patients. In the message, he shared a photo of only one of them, who was about to undergo a corneal transplant operation.

The eye of a patient who underwent corneal transplant surgery performed on an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

A good camera is needed here in order to assess how well a new organ is taking root. The specialist also emphasizes that he took all the photographs exclusively with the permission of the subjects. Korn jokes that the new iPhone is more of a camera for him than a phone. “But it’s still good that this thing can call too,” says the doctor.

Commenting on this post, Korn’s assistant Dr. Jeffrey Lewis also noted that the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera will be “another way to impress and maintain long-term trust with our patients.”

Interestingly, for the new camera mode, Apple did not add a new macro lens. Instead, the company simply decided to use an ultra-wide f / 1.8 aperture with a 120-degree field of view, which is capable of capturing macro images at very close range. Geniuses, you will not say anything.

More recently, we wrote about which iPhone to choose in 2021 and have already mentioned the new iPhones. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with it for a complete picture.

It is a pity that Apple has curtailed the project to implement its own clinic.

Earlier, there were also rumors about Apple’s own clinic , where specialists could implement and test technologies, which have already accumulated a fairly large number. It’s a pity that the project was canceled.

What do you think about this? What prospects do you see in introducing the iPhone into the professional sphere? Maybe you also use your smartphone at work? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat . It will be extremely interesting to read.


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