How the Amazon Flex App Works –

After its great launch in the United States since 2015, Amazon Flex came to Spain in order to stay and is looking for even more freelancers, who are interested in working for it. In this way, the company guarantees an excellent flow of movement between its employees and the work they provide.

How the Amazon Flex App Works – Get the Most Out of It

Amazon Flex is currently still in a launch phase , with which they are still seeking to improve their entrepreneurship and thus be able to attract many more people.

People who hire this service, you can follow a couple of simple steps, in order to receive their packages in the comfort of your home. Those who wish to work with the company, you can register , in order to enter the platform and receive their first orders as a delivery person.

The premise to be able to be autonomous with the help of the company is quite simple. You must have a device with Android or iOS , some free hours and also a means of transport .

However, there are some things that go on the part of the delivery person, such as the fact of having to approach the logistics center in which he will assign the packages that must be taken to the user who has requested them.

How does Amazon Flex work?

Within its website, we can find various clarifications about the service. In this section you can read and analyze, about shipping rates , what will be the average income of each worker and the hours that can be managed. Likewise, within the page it is clarified which are the basic requirements to be able to provide said service

To be able to do so, you just have to start by downloading the mobile application in order to read all the terms of use and service conditions. Once you do, you just have to prepare some personal data, which will help you to integrate into the platform and everything will be ready for you to start with the deliveries.

To start a working relationship with the company, the main thing in any case, is to enter their website, and become familiar with their work system , contracts and forms of payments. All this information, you will be able to find it detailed and explained in a much more concrete way.

The main thing in any case, is the fact that you download the application and accept its conditions of use.

What are the requirements to be able to work on Amazon Flex?

  • To begin you must pass the verification of your professional history and with it, also the verification of your driving license.
  • Be of legal age .
  • Possess the regulatory documents to be able to carry out any work at a legal level. Such permission must be approved in all jurisdictions in which you plan to provide your services.
  • Own your vehicle in order. This means that you can obtain a prior authorization from an authorized agent, which certifies that said car is authorized to be driven by the city.
  • How the Amazon Flex application works

Although it may seem strange, to be able to access the application, you must first send your resume to the company, since the application will not be able to find it in a simple way within normal mobile stores . Once this is clarified, it is important that you fill out the job application, through the official website.

When your data has been verified, you will go through a review process, in which your background will be reviewed and then you will receive an email, which will give you a notification about the status of your application.

It is in this email, where you will be notified of whether or not your application has passed this process. After all this, the company will provide you with a link with which you can download the application.

Although the process seems a bit complicated and very time consuming, it will all be worth it, since at last you will be able to have a job that will give you the income you need

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