How strong are Pam-Pam and Pandagro In Pokémon GO

The little panda monster Pam-Pam appeared in Pokémon GO and brought her Pandagro development with her. But how strong are they and what can the duo do?

This is Pam-Pam: Pam-Pam came into play during the Xerneas event and can currently be found there in Tier 1 raids. From the start of the Yveltal event, she will be found in 12 kilometer eggs.

It comes from the sixth generation of games in the main series and is a Battle-type Pokémon. Pam-Pam herself, that can be anticipated, is not a real help in raids, arenas, or in PvP. But what about its development?

This is Pandagro: You get Pandagro with the help of Pam-Pam’s special development, in which you select him as a partner and then you have to catch various dark monsters. Once you’ve done that, the significantly larger panda awaits you and brings you a little type change. Compared to Pam-Pam, the fact that Pandagro also has the Dark type in addition to the Combat type has changed.

Pam-Pam becomes a Pandagro, what can she do?

That’s how strong Pandagro is in Pokémon GO

Pandagro has these values: Pandagro can reach an attack value of 226, which roughly corresponds to the values ​​of monsters such as Brockoloss, Togekiss or Melmetal. Its defensive value of 146 corresponds roughly to the value of monsters like Mamutel or Fasasnob. Its KP value is a maximum of 216 and is therefore comparable to the values ​​of monsters such as Kokowei, Morlord, and Mewtwo. It can reach up to 3281 WP.

As mentioned, Pandagro brings the Combat and Dark types, which is an interesting combination. Has resistance to dark monsters, as well as spirit, psycho, and rock. However, he has problems especially against fairy types, as well as combat and flying monsters.

Overall, it’s a pretty mediocre Pokémon. You can use Pandagro in arena battles or raids as an attacker who also takes something. Basically though, he’s overshadowed by the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

On the other hand, Pandagro is a bit more interesting in the PvP league.

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How good is Pandagro at PvP? With the help of PvPoke rankings, which are based on simulations, it can be determined that Pandagro occupies a very similar niche to Irokex, which also comes with a dark and fighting guy.

In the super and hyper leagues, Irokex may also be the best option. There it reaches ranks 13 and 38 in the PvP ranking, while Pangoro lands at 174 and 98 respectively (via PvPoke).

But while Irokex is a good choice in the super and hyper leagues, it can no longer keep up in the main league due to its too low WP. And this is where Pandagro comes in.

In the master league, Pandagro can convince with a set of moves from the instant attack lesson, as well as melee charge attacks and the night strike. All of these moves are bolstered by the Pandagro types and can be quite damaging to some of the more popular monsters in the Master League.

Among other things, defeat the strong steel monsters Dialga and Metagross, and also win against the Giratina and Relaxo forms, all monsters that are actually above Pandagro in the PvP rankings. In a general comparison, Pandagro achieved the 53rd position in the PvP ranking of the master league. It does not belong to the absolute best monsters, but it can be a surprising obstacle for your opponents.

All in all, Pandagro is definitely an interesting monster for PvP, especially in the master league.

Pam-Pam isn’t the only Pokémon that last landed in Pokémon GO with a special kind of evolution. Among other things, Parfi appeared, which needs a little extra effort to develop, but there is a trick you can use to turn Parfi into Parfinesse.



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