How Siri will change in iOS 15

I don’t really like Siri. Or rather, I don’t like her at all. Especially after the Google Assistant and Alice, which I used on Android. Apple’s voice assistant is not able to answer most of the questions, and from a functional point of view, it is also quite limited, recognizing only some clearly defined commands. This year Apple tried to make it better by expanding the capabilities of its assistant a little, but with one hand, the other immediately took away a hefty range of convenient functions.

Siri in iOS 15 will lose at least 22 commands

This week, Apple sent out emails to app developers warning of Siri ‘s limitations with the release of iOS 15. The company’s voice assistant will no longer support some of the app’s features that it used to be able to work without any problems. Oddly enough, we are talking about some pretty useful functions.

How Siri will change in iOS 15

Apple with such fanfare once introduced these functions, and now so mercilessly refuses them.

Now users will not be able to ask Siri:

  • Transfer money;
  • Call a taxi for them;
  • Find photos;
  • Car setup via CarPlay;
  • Ticket booking;
  • Calls through third party VoIP services.

In fact, this is not the entire list of voice commands for Siri , which will no longer be available to users with the release of iOS 15. There are 22 of them in total. We just listed the most basic ones that we actually used in the editorial office on an ongoing basis and were very pleased with them. Perhaps these were the only Siri features on iOS that I personally had no complaints about.

В добрый путь: Apple разрешила устанавливать Siri на чужие устройства

Now developers are required to remove from their applications the functions themselves that allow interacting with Siri , and the mention of these functions. That is, Apple diligently cleans out everything that may be associated with remote capabilities. Why so decisively and sharply, no one knows. But in fact, Apple’s decision to remove these Siri commands from iOS looks rather strange.

After all, let’s be honest, it’s much more convenient to ask Siri to transfer a specific amount to a selected contact than to manually poke around in a banking application. At least in “Sberbank Online” you have to perform too many actions. So I usually send payments through Siri . Now there will be no such opportunity.

Why is Siri so dumb

Siri in iOS 15 should have gotten better, but only gotten worse

It’s hard to say what is behind Apple’s decision to restrict Siri . The company did not comment on its decision at all, but it was hardly in its interests to make the voice assistant less functional than it was. So there can be only two explanations for what is happening:

  • These commands somehow violate user security;
  • Nobody used them, and Apple decided to turn them off.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to judge how popular these commands were among other users, but they were really popular among my friends. But, be that as it may, giving up what people do not use very often is not very logical. It would be more correct, in my opinion, to engage in the popularization of these functions.

For example, the Google Assistant has broad functionality in a wide variety of ways. Therefore, there is nothing strange that users simply do not know about many of them. For example, most people are unaware that Google Assistant can be asked for a refund for an app or in- app purchase. Naturally, this function is not for every day and generally not for everyone, but this is not a reason to remove it.

By removing these 22 Siri commands from iOS , Apple is severely limiting the voice assistant’s capabilities. As a result, it becomes even less functional and, as a result, attractive for use. So for me now there are practically no other commands that I can give Siri, except for controlling the smart home and finding out the weather outside the window. It’s a pity.


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