How QR codes work to connect to WiFi

To connect to Wi-Fi we can use many devices and, within each computer, different applications. Normally what we do is go to the wireless network icon in Windows, for example, we click and select the network that interests us and then we put the password. The same with any mobile, since the process is similar. But beyond using characteristics of the system, we can also use third-party programs. Now, in these cases we will always have to enter the password and select the network. Can we connect directly through a QR code ? We are going to talk about this in this article.

What is a QR code

We can see QR codes everywhere. It is basically a square that acts like a barcode and is used to read information. You can save words, digits, page addresses … For example, we see them in restaurants to scan them and see the menu, in tourist places to take us to a page with information about that site, etc.

We will always see something that does not change in these codes: three small squares in three of the four corners. This serves so that the reader of the mobile phone or the device that we use knows how to position it. Beyond that, the rest change from one to the other. The content is usually black on a white background, but we can also find other colors.

It is full of different patterns which is what indicates what kind of information it stores . For example, if it is a word, a URL, numbers … If we use our mobile phone and an application to read codes, it will know how to identify what it is. In this way we can reach a web page or read certain information.

These codes are fully customizable and we can create one for personal use, for any type of information that we want to show, as well as for companies and organizations. They even serve to be able to identify ourselves when we want to enter a place where some type of registration has to be presented.

QR code to enter the Wi-Fi

After explaining what a QR code is, could we use it to enter Wi-Fi networks ? The answer is positive. It is in fact something that is becoming more and more widespread, although we must take into account certain factors that we are going to explain. Basically the objective is that we can quickly access a wireless network without having to enter the password manually.

Let’s say we arrive at a restaurant and they have a QR code enabled to enter the Wi-Fi. As long as we have a compatible program, we can detect that code and automatically connect to the wireless network.

This is very useful in order to save time. Normally what we do is click on the network according to its name or SSID and then fill in the password . But of course, if we are trying to enter a Wi-Fi network with a long password, we are more likely to get confused. Even doubts always appear as to whether it is an “i” or a “1”, an upper or lower case, and so on.

We are going to explain what needs to be done to be able to connect to Wi-Fi simply by scanning a QR code and also how we can generate that type of codes ourselves and have them anywhere for visitors.

What to do to connect to Wi-Fi by code

To be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network through a QR code we will need two things: first that they have created a code with the password of the wireless network and secondly they have a compatible device (a mobile, for example) and application for be able to read it.

For our part, what we are going to have to do mainly is install compatible software on the mobile , which will be the most common device that we will use. We need a program, either for Android or iOS, capable of reading that information and being able to connect.

In Android we can find different applications to connect to a Wi-Fi through a QR code. Some examples are WiFi QR Connect or WiFi QrCode Password Scanner . The operation is similar and what it allows is to scan a code and automatically fill in the username and password fields.

On the part of the iOS operating system we can also find some applications such as WiFi QR Code . It allows us to scan a QR code with the necessary information to be able to connect to a wireless network quickly.

How to create a QR code for Wi-Fi

What if we want to create our own QR code so that other users can connect? This is very simple and we will explain how to do it. In this way we will not have to be giving the access code constantly. For example, if we have a bar or restaurant and we want to make it easier for customers to connect or even in our home so that visitors can enter the network more easily.

We can use different online pages to create a QR code with which to show the Wi-Fi password and name of the network. The operation is very simple, since we will only have to fill in the fields that appear, as we can see in the image.

We have to put the name or SSID, the exact password of that network and also the type of encryption, be it WPA-2, WEP, etc. In case we don’t have any password, we just leave it empty. Logically this is not the most advisable.

Once we click Generate, the QR that visitors will use to enter the network will appear. We can customize it and even put a logo. Of course, the central part, which is the square, that is immovable. Now we can print it and put it anywhere, send it by mobile to other contacts, etc.

In short, QR codes are also very useful to connect to Wi-Fi networks more easily, without having to write the network name or password by hand. We have explained what we have to do to be able to use it, which basically consists of having an application on the mobile, as well as explaining how we can create our own QR codes.

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