How Prime Gaming works

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription and have you just noticed that included in the subscription there is also the use of the Prime Gaming service but you don’t even know what it is for? Intrigued, do you want to know how Prime Gaming works and above all how to use Prime Gaming? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Without getting lost in long and useless premises, I will immediately explain to you in detail what Prime Gaming is and how you could use it.

However, a necessary premise must be made to avoid confusion; Prime Gaming is nothing more than the old Twitch Prime service, the name has only changed but many people still know it by the old name.


  • How Prime Gaming works
  • How to use Prime Gaming

How Prime Gaming works

Before seeing how Prime Gaming works, it is important to remember that Prime Gaming is a service reserved for Amazon Prime customers. The Amazon Prime subscription in fact, in addition to free shipping, offers many very interesting free services such as Prime Video and Amazon Photo . If you are not yet subscribed to Amazon Prime, read this guide that will follow you step by step in the registration procedure and will explain the costs and benefits in detail; the Amazon Prime registration procedure is very fast and will allow you to use the service free of charge for 30 days with the possibility of canceling the registration at any time.

Let’s now see how the Twitch platform essential for Prime Gaming works; basically Twitch we can define it as a video sharing platform widely used by people all over the world for gaming; video gamers on Twitch broadcast match videos, tips and tricks.

Lately Twitch is also used a lot for sharing music videos and in fact inside you can find many unreleased live music.

All videos can be commented live and just like other live streaming platforms, in Twich it is also possible to follow people and therefore it is possible to gain followers.

Signing up and using Twitch is totally free but the basic version precludes some features and this is where Prime Gaming comes into play . If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime then you can use Prime Gaming which will allow you more than the basic plan:

  • to receive bonus content for various titles every month for various platforms for free
  • download and play 5 pc games for free every month
  • use the Twitch platform ad-free

How to use Prime Gaming

Now you have surely understood what Twitch is and how Prime Gaming works and how useful it can be if you are a hardcore gamer. We just have to see how to use Prime Gamine and more precisely

  • how to link Amazon Prime account to Twitch
  • how to get free games and in-game content.

So first let’s see how to link the Amazon Prime account to Twitch. The procedure is really very simple. all you have to do is go to the Amazon prime gaming page and press the Login item at the top right. On the next screen you will need to enter your Amazon credentials related to the Amazon Prime subscription. Then click on the Account connect Twitch and from the window that opens, click on the Connect accounts button .

Now you can use Prime Game and all its advantages so it’s time to explain the most important thing: how to get free games and in-game content.

Every month on Prime Game you will find 5 free download games for PC and lots of in-game content. Once downloaded, these games will be yours forever, regardless of if you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. Downloading free games with Prime Game is very simple you have to connect to the Amazon prime gaming page, click on Log in and log in with your Amazon credentials. Then click on GAMES AND LOOT ; on the page that opens under the word Loot game and much more you will find the in-game contents and by clicking on more information and then redeem you can have them for free; under the heading Games with Prime you will find free games that you can download by clicking on the relevant Redeem button,

So to recap how Prime Gaming works we can say that Twitch is a live streaming platform dedicated almost exclusively to gaming owned by Amazon. Prime Gaming is a privilege reserved for Amazon Prime customers that allows you to use the Twitch platform without advertising and to download 5 free games for pc every month and in-game content for different titles.

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