How Pokemon Go has changed in two years

The most important changes and events that took place in Pokemon Go from the moment of its first release to the official release in Russia

On Tuesday, September 11 this year, two years after the official release, the game Pokemon Go is now available in Russia. You can download it both from Google Play and from the App Store . It’s time to remember or find out what has changed in the game over these two years.

The beta test started in May 2016. Along with Japan, New Zealand and Australia, residents of the United States gained access.

Trainers were able to find and collect Pokemon eggs in addition to a fully grown Pokemon. In order for a creature to hatch from an egg, it is necessary to travel a certain distance. If all this time the screen is locked or the coach moves at too high a speed, then there will be no progress.

The trainers themselves can collide in gyms (originally called Pokemon Gym) – special places in reality where players can fight for control of territory.

The following summer marked the official release of the game in many countries. July 6, 2016 – Australian, New Zealand and US release. A week later – in Germany. A little later – in the UK, Portugal, Italy and Spain, and on July 16, the game was already available for download in most European countries.

Later, users from Canada joined the game, and at the end of July – from Hong Kong. In August, the game became available in the Latin American region and most of South America, as well as in 15 countries in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Oh, this simple design of the first versions of the game

In addition to the releases, the game has been redesigned, removed the “battery saving” mode on iOS, fixed bugs, the main one of which affected the accuracy of the throw and dramatically increased the chances of a Pokemon escaping from the Pokéball. Several new features were also added – a reminder to the player that he should not move faster than a certain speed, the ability to change his nickname once, and also learn the attacking and defending capabilities of his Pokemon from the gym leader.

And at the end of summer 2016, the first massive blocking of the accounts of dishonest users happened. Since then, Niantic has been actively fighting against fraud and bots, in particular, geodata spoofing. For example, in case of suspicious activity, the game will use captcha from Google.

Some very quickly reached the maximum level with the help of bots

September 2016 also had a lot of things.

The functionality of the “best friend” (Buddy Pokemon) has been added – the trainer can choose a Pokemon that will accompany him everywhere and for the passed distance this best friend will give out candy – the local in-game currency with which Pokemon are most often pumped.

For some Pokémon, this distance will be equal to one kilometer, some need more – three or five kilometers. And for the captured legendary Pokemon (we will talk about them later) – as much as 20 kilometers.

It is believed that there are no restrictions on the receipt of sweets, if you observe the maximum speed, which is estimated by users to be about 10.5 kilometers per hour. Later, this border was slightly increased. When walking together with the “best friend” he will not gain experience, only candy. Also, such a Pokemon cannot be left to defend a friendly gym, but it can be used to fight in the gym.

Some small Pokémon, if made best friends, can climb onto the shoulder of the trainer’s avatar.

For example – like this

September 16, 2016 – Release of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory with Bluetooth Smart technology (Bluetooth low energy connection designed for health and fitness applications), which allows you to play Pokemon Go in the background, detect and catch Pokemon with the press of just one button. collect in-game items without having to turn on your smartphone every time, and so on. However, the costs of pokeballs in this case increase.

Later, it became possible to integrate Pokemon Go into the Apple Watch, and the place where the Pokemon was caught will now be displayed on the information screen.

At the end of September, the game became available in the Balkan Peninsula, as well as in the countries of Central Asia

Pokemon Go Plus sounds like the name of some paid subscription for the game, but no – it’s a separate accessory

In early October, residents of most African countries could also download the game.

Of the new functionality is the ability to train six Pokemon in the halls, instead of one. The eggs now have different color spots depending on how many kilometers you need to walk to hatch: green – two kilometers, orange – five kilometers, and purple – ten kilometers. Added the ability to change notification modes in Pokemon Go Plus, and added a low battery indicator.

Trainers for capturing multiple Pokémon of a certain type receive bonuses that make it easier to catch Pokémon of the same type.

Somewhat later, daily quests appeared in the game – to catch one Pokemon per day, as well as catching at least one Pokemon during the week, visiting a PokéStop.

And during a special Halloween event, you could catch a Pikachu with a similar hat. And not only him

Since November, the game has been available for download in eight countries in the Middle East. During this time, the game also underwent a balance change for most Pokémon, in addition to the constant local migrations of Pokémon over the past few months. A little later, for the first time, players could catch Ditto’s Pokémon, whose feature is to disguise themselves in another Pokémon, adopting his attacks.

Towards the end of 2016, in December, Starbucks is now officially a partner of Pokemon Go as well as Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Most of the stores of these companies (in the USA and India, respectively) automatically become gyms or pokéstops.

The list of sponsors for this game gradually increased, which meant more pokéstops and gyms for players.

At the end of this year, Pokemon Go can now be launched on Apple Watch.

Don’t forget about data synchronization

2017 was also rich in various kinds of events.

For example, on January 24, Pokemon Go was officially released in South Korea.

On February 17, a global update for the game was released, which added the second generation of Pokémon, a rebalance of the existing ones, a bonus for catching a Pokémon the first time, new moves, berries and evolutions, a change in the price of the evolution itself, as well as the ability to buy accessories for your avatar. Also, some Pokémon are female and male, which affects exclusively their appearance.

Using Pikachu as an example: on the left is a female, and on the right is a male. In this case, in a female Pokemon, the limb of the tail resembles a heart.

In March, high-level trainers got the opportunity to vote for new PokéStops in their region using Ingress OPR. Most of the new PokéStops appeared in areas where there are just a large number of such trainers.

In early summer, Apple announced the creation of ARKit, which makes augmented reality applications more realistic , which also affected Pokemon Go – now the size of the Pokemon changes depending on the distance with the player, the conditional Pikachu can now be approached from the other side and depending on this will change the required angle and power of the throw for a successful catch. This option has become available on many iOS devices.

The sizes, according to the person, are also very different

On June 19, all gyms were shut down for a global update – the levels and prestige system of the gym were removed, but a motivation indicator was added for the Pokémon that are protecting the gym.

To maintain motivation, you need to feed the Pokemon berries. Two identical Pokémon can no longer be left to defend the same hall. The functionality of raids on the boss also appeared, he himself appears at the top of each hall. You can recruit a team of coaches up to 20 people and try to defeat the boss in five minutes, and as a reward, players will receive rare sweets, a special berry “golden raspberry”. Also, after defeating the boss, you can try to catch the same Pokemon.

In addition to the usual raid passes, there are also exclusive raid passes (EX Raid Pass), which is required to participate in special raids. This pass must be used for a specific event at a specific time. It can also be received at any time as a gift from the developers, but there is an opportunity to increase the chances of receiving it – you need to recently raid the hall where this special trade will take place in the future, a high level of the hall icon also increases the chances.

On July 6, 2017, in honor of the first anniversary of the game, for two weeks it was possible to catch the “anniversary” versions of Pichu and all his further evolutions with Ash’s cap. Most often, these events are dedicated to some special day or holiday – New Year, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or even Pokemon Day – February 27th.

Cute and only

On July 23, the first legendary Pokémon – Articuno and Lugia – officially appeared .

In our world, there were also large-scale events related to the game. For example, on August 14, 2017, the PIKACHU OUTBREAK event took place in Yokohama, Japan.

This event was attended by over two million people.

Later there were many Pokemon Go events. The most famous of these is the Pokemon Go Safari Zone.

That’s just the first pancake, Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago, turned out to be lumpy, but it will be better further

At the end of September, a super-incubator was added – eggs in it will hatch 1.5 times faster, and the incubator itself can be used three times.

On November 21, 2017, an update was released that fixed several bugs, but the most important change is the end of support for devices with iOS 8.

By the end of November, there was a big update to Raids and Exclusive Raids.

Exclusive raids will often take place in parks, as well as in the halls of sponsors. Trainers who have a gym badge or have completed a large number of regular raids are more likely to receive the Exclusive Pass.

More than 3 billion Pokémon caught in just a week is a clear sign that the game is still popular.

At the end of 2017, the third generation of Pokemon appeared in the game – 50 new species, and the user’s weather in his region is displayed on a virtual map. In addition, an increase in storage up to 1500 Pokémon became available, instead of 1000.

On December 22nd, over 20 new Generation 3 Pokémon were released.

At the beginning of January 2018, the first migration of regional Pokémon in the history of the game took place – Zangus is available in Europe, Asia and Australia, and Seviper – in Africa and America. Previously, Regional Pokémon could only appear in unusual locations during special events.

This was their appearance area

The developers themselves called 2018 “the year of the legendary Pokemon.”

Unlike the previous year, where there was a couple of months between the appearance of the legendary Pokemon, in this almost always in any region of the world one could find at least one such. Most often, legendary Pokémon appeared for one month, after which they either disappeared from the maps or changed the continent.

However, the appearance of the legendary Pokemon was not only this year.

On January 23, 23 more new Pokémon of the third generation appeared, and even after two weeks – a dozen more Pokémon of the same generation, mainly of the flying and dragon type.

Legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias

As of February 28, 2018, Pokemon Go stopped launching on devices unable to update to iOS 11 . The list is as follows – iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad mini and iPad 2.

In March, users can now connect their Facebook profile to their Pokemon Go account, and at the end of this month, users received the functionality of quests – some are given daily, and the second are opened gradually, upon completion of which the mythical Pokemon Mew is issued.

In May, trainers could again increase their storage capacity from 1,500 to 2,000.

And in June, the functionality of adding other trainers as friends (not Pokemon), the ability to give some gifts and even exchange Pokemon with other trainers appeared. When exchanging, the user has a small chance that instead of the regular version, he will receive a rarer, luminous version of the same Pokemon.

In August, there was a new way to enter the game – Niantic Kids. This platform is for parents and their children. This allows parents to control their child’s personal information.

In the modern world, it is very important now to keep track of what personal data companies receive

Well, a very recent update allowed level 40 players from Brazil and South Korea to apply for a new PokéStop. And from the new functionality – you can share an exclusive admission with one of your player friends.

Of course, these are not all changes. Minor fixes, permanent changes to the location of Pokémon spawns, individual events, the fight against fraud, and other changes were not touched here. However, as you can see, Pokemon Go is not dead, but on the contrary, it develops and continues to collect fans of this franchise around the world.


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