How offers work on StockX

You’ve been hearing particularly enthusiastic friends and family lately about an online marketplace called StockX , which apparently uses an original and convenient way of buying and selling. Basically, from what you have learned, to buy an item you can send an offer and wait for it to be evaluated and accepted by a potential seller.

You have therefore tried to connect to the site of the platform in question to understand how the offers on StockX work , but you are not sure that you have fully understood the negotiation mechanisms. When in doubt, therefore, you started looking for a guide able to show you the correct procedure to follow to submit an offer and in this way you landed on my blog.

Well, today is your lucky day indeed! Since this is a service that is gaining more and more popularity among users, I decided to dedicate an article to StockX and its operation, focusing in particular on the procedure to follow to make offers, but without neglecting registration and sale. . How do you say? Was it just what you were looking for? Perfect, in this case I just have to wish you good reading and good continuation.


  • What is StockX
  • How to register for StockX
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets
  • How bidding on StockX works
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets
  • How to sell on StockX

What is StockX

To learn how the offers work on this particular marketplace, originally created to encourage the sale of sneakers (which still represent one of the main items in the showcase, even if the sale has been extended to many other product categories), I believe it is essential to do step back and try to understand what StockX is .

Basically, it is a brokerage platform in which the prices of the goods offered for sale are established in real time , as a sort of stock market , based on the real value of a product , which is determined by the meeting the proposals of sale and purchase offers .

It is not, therefore, an auction, as one may initially be led to think, but an innovative sales system that allows, for example, merchants who hold unsold goods in perfect condition (the so-called deadstocks ), to dispose of own stocks by selling them at a price in line with what, at a given moment, represents the actual demand.

On the one hand, therefore, we have the seller , who submits a sales proposal on a specific asset, attributing to it a value in line with that of the latest transactions that have been carried out for that same item.

On the other hand, however, there is the buyer : when the latter makes an offer corresponding to this proposal, the transaction is automatically processed by the system. At this point, the seller sends the goods to a StockX logistics center , which is responsible for verifying their status and authenticity and, subsequently, forwards them to the buyer.

Alternatively, both buyer and seller can take advantage of an instant trading mode , which completes the transaction without the need to start a negotiation: the first, therefore, can buy immediately by adhering directly to the lowest offer, while the second can conclude the sale by assigning it to the highest bid.

If, at this point, you are wondering how bidding on StockX works , you should know that the platform in question offers its users some particular easy-to-understand statistical tools which, as I will show you in more detail in the next paragraphs, they allow you to easily determine the correct price and facilitate the matching of supply and demand in an absolutely transparent way.

How to register for StockX

In order to use the platform it is necessary, as you can easily imagine, to register for the service in advance . In the next paragraphs, therefore, I will show you how to register with StockX both from a computer, by accessing the site in question via browser , and via the app for mobile devices.

From PC

If you want to proceed from a PC , to start connected to the main StockX page and click on the Register item located at the top right. On the next page you can choose to associate your Google , Facebook , Twitter or Apple profile by pressing the relevant button (you will be sent back to the respective authentication form), or whether to create a new account by filling out the form below.

In the latter case, after entering the data Name , Surname , Email address and Password , press the Register button , then read the directives relating to the privacy policies and accept them by clicking on the Accept button . Finally, consider that an email will be sent to you with the link to confirm the activation.

To conclude, choose the categories of your interest among those proposed in the following screen and press the Finish button . At this point it is appropriate to complete the profile information: to access the relevant section, click on the My Account menu located at the top right and press the Settings option from the menu that is simultaneously proposed.

If you are a buyer, proceed to fill in the data relating to the item Purchase , by clicking on the corresponding Edit button , then choose the preferred payment method between credit card and PayPal . In the same way, complete the part relating to the shipping data below by entering the address to which you wish to have the purchases delivered, then press the Save shipment button , located at the bottom right, to confirm the data.

For sellers, on the other hand, it is necessary to complete the sections Seller data , Payout (for the transfer of their revenues) and, optionally, VAT number . Finally, I suggest you keep the notification settings in the section below active.

From smartphones and tablets

If you prefer a mobile solution and, therefore, want to register on the marketplace from smartphones and tablets , you can use the StockX app , available both for Android (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have Google services) and for iOS / iPadOS .

To download it, press one of the links above, then tap the Install / Get button and wait for the download and installation. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll also be prompted for identity verification via Face ID , Touch ID, or Apple ID password .

Once the app is started, by pressing on its icon, first presses the green banner at the top that notifies you of the possibility to change the currency settings , then select the EUR option from the list that is proposed to you and presses on the item Select .

At this point, touch the profile symbol located at the bottom right and, on the next screen, press the Register button . From this point on, the registration procedures are completely identical to those described in the chapter on PC registration and take place via the browser of your mobile device.

As soon as the registration is complete you will be sent back to the main screen of the app. To complete your profile, press the account symbol again , at the bottom right, then press the Settings option and complete the payment and shipping details for the Purchase section if you are a buyer or, if you are a seller, those relating to Payment , Payout and, optionally, VAT number .

How bidding on StockX works

Let’s now move on to the actual bargaining and purchasing phase. If you want to know how bidding on StockX works , in the next paragraphs you will find useful information on how to use the tools provided by the marketplace in question to try and secure the desired item.

From PC

If you want to proceed from a PC , first connect to the main page of the service , then press the Login item in the menu located at the top right and use, in the next screen, the authentication method chosen during registration .

Once authenticated, to find the object for which you wish to submit an offer, you can use the search field located in the center of the home page, typing the keyword that identifies the item (for example brand and model) and pressing on the result which is shown at the same time: in this way you will directly access the product sheet which, I want to specify, is unique for all sellers.

Now, if it is an item of clothing, I suggest you select the size immediately using the appropriate drop-down menu located in the right pane, as prices also vary based on the availability of the size and the relative quantity of requests.

The information relating to the lowest offer will then be loaded, flanked by the respective button that allows you to move on to the purchase phase. Below you will find some information and features that will be particularly useful for determining which offer to make, namely the price of the last sale and the See proposals , See offers and See sales buttons .

The latter allow you to access a detailed view of the respective operations, which will give you the opportunity to compare the data to develop an offer that you consider appropriate to your needs and to the market trend of that particular product.

Furthermore, by scrolling down the page, you can consult the details of the product and a useful graph that shows the sales trend of the item in a certain period, applicable using the selector therein in a period between 1M (1 month) and 1Y (1 year). By default, however, the diagram relating to all sales is proposed.

As soon as you have an idea of ​​the proposal to send, press the Buy button seen above and the page for the definition of the sale will be loaded. First, therefore, pay attention to the detail of the costs shown at the bottom right, which now includes, in addition to the price of the item based on the best proposal , also the processing fees that StockX reserves and the shipping costs .

At this point, if you want to secure the item immediately, press the Check order button and, once you have verified that everything corresponds to your expectations, including the shipping address, press the Confirm purchase button . If, on the other hand, you want to start a negotiation, click on the Make an offer button located at the top right, then enter the price you had in mind in the field below.

Once this is done, a notification will appear indicating whether or not it is the highest bid. However, you can guess this by comparing the amount you entered with the highest bid listed just below the product name. To complete the operation, therefore, also select for how many days you intend to keep this offer using the appropriate Offer deadline drop-down menu .

Now, press the Check the offer button located at the bottom right and, after verifying that the summary shown in the following screen corresponds to your wish, press the Confirm offer button . From this moment on, if a seller makes a corresponding proposal and your offer is the best, the sale will take place automatically and everything will be communicated to you via email.

If, on the other hand, in the meantime someone sends a higher offer than yours that corresponds to a seller’s proposal, he will be the one to win the item, but your offer will remain active until the set deadline and can be accepted if it becomes the same again. best offer.

Consider a time frame of 7-12 working days for shipping times : however, once StockX verifies the authenticity of the product delivered to it by the seller, you will receive the tracking information for your purchase via email.

However, you can change it at any time by clicking on the My Account> Purchases menu and pressing the Edit button located to the right of the relevant record, or by clicking on the trash can symbol to permanently cancel it.

From smartphones and tablets

If you prefer to send an offer from smartphones and tablets , once the StockX app has been launched, press the magnifying glass symbol in the center of the menu located at the bottom, in order to access the search screen for the desired product. Then type in the key information of the item you want to buy in the form at the top and press on the corresponding result that is proposed to you, to access the product sheet.

Also in this case, if it is an article of clothing, I recommend that you immediately define the size using the appropriate drop-down menu located at the top, in order to load the corresponding values. At this point, to check the sales trend of that particular asset, press the button See the market data , then, on the next screen, read the information that is shown to you and press the item Accept .

By clicking on the category located at the top you will be able to consult the information relating to the most recent Sales , Proposals and Offers , useful for elaborating an appropriate offer that you think can be considered by the sellers. Once this is done, to return to the product sheet, press the arrow symbol located at the top left, then press the Buy button or make an offer .

In the following screen, then choose whether to opt for the Buy now mode at the price corresponding to the lowest offer below or, alternatively, tap the Make a bid option and type in the amount you had in mind. Therefore, check the various items that determine the total cost of the product and select through the last function located below how many days this will be active .

To conclude, press the button Check the offer , consult the summary of the request and touch the button Complete the offer to confirm the operation. As soon as a seller sends a proposal corresponding to your offer, the transaction will be processed automatically and you will be notified by email.

You can check the status of the offer at any time, and possibly modify it by pressing on the profile symbol located at the bottom right and selecting by pressing the item Purchases : here, in the section In progress , you will find listed all the offers sent with the relative buttons to redefine it or delete it.

How to sell on StockX

How do you say? Now that you have learned how this platform works, are you interested in learning more about the product sales phase? No problem, in the next few paragraphs I will also show you how to sell on StockX .

As for the registration, first of all, I invite you to read the dedicated chapter , in which I illustrate how to fill in the useful information to be identified as a seller within the marketplace and to be able to continue in the following steps. In particular, it is important that you have entered both billing and payout information correctly .

Once this is done, if you wish to proceed from a PC , after having authenticated on the platform, press the Sell button located at the top right, read the information on the next screen and press the Accept button located at the bottom right. At this point, enter the information relating to the product you want to sell in the relevant search form and click on the corresponding article among the results shown below.

Then, if it is a garment, also select the relative size , after which you will be redirected to the product sheet . Now, choose whether to opt for the Sell ​​now mode (enhanced by deafult), which automatically accepts the highest bid, or whether to use the Make a proposal procedure by clicking on the relevant button.

Once you have checked the summary of the costs in the appropriate box on the right, press the button Check the sale (or Check the proposal ) located at the bottom right and, in the following screen, put the check mark to confirm the conditions of sale of the object in question, then press the Confirm sale button .

If, on the other hand, you want to sell from a smartphone or tablet , after identifying the object through the search function integrated in the StockX app (the button with the magnifying glass located at the bottom) select any measure or feature specify within the product sheet via the drop-down menu located at the top, then press the red Sell ​​or propose button located at the top right.

Select, therefore, the method of sale by choosing from the options Sell ​​now (at the best offer) or Make a proposal (by filling in the field below with the desired amount) and press the button Check the sale . Check the information shown in the summary screen, then tap on the items relating to the acceptance of the conditions of sale located below and, finally, press the Complete the sale button .

From now on you have 2 to 5 days to ship to the StockX validation center , depending on the type of item (check the email that was sent to you at the same time to verify this information). To print the label, go to the Account> Sale> In progress menu , while as regards the packaging I suggest you follow the instructions contained in this section of the StockX Service Center.

Afterwards, you will need to bring the package to the nearest UPS center . Consider that the shipping cost , where applicable, will be deducted from the overall total. You can easily retrieve this information in the cost detail that is shown to you when confirming a sale, or in the summary that was simultaneously sent to you via email

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