How not to be a ‘Jumpmaster’ when playing Apex Legend

The role of Jumpmaster or Jump Leader, within the popular Battle Royale video game, Apex Legends, can be quite challenging and consequently feared. Well, this character must be in charge of making difficult decisions in a super agile way , which can be complicated.

It’s understandable that you want to evade the responsibility of leading the entire squad during their landing , although this role is randomly assigned by the game, we’ll look at different aspects you can apply to get out of that task.

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  1. What is the main objective of the ‘Jumpmaster’ in Apex Legends?
  2. What risks and drawbacks are there in the ‘Jumpmaster’ role?
    1. Reduces chances of a good score
    2. Little time to choose the character
    3. There are always trolls in your way
  3. Is there a way to bypass the ‘Jumpmaster’ role in Apex Legends?
    1. Look to the sky while you wear them

What is the main objective of the ‘Jumpmaster’ in Apex Legends?

If you are interested in a game that tests your combat skills , you should definitely download Apex Legends , you will understand the stir it causes among novices, amateurs and professionals. Every time you start a game you will notice that the initial phase occurs with the landing.

It is of vital importance within the development of the session, because it can give a great advantage or the opposite. Prior to the jump of the deployment ship, one of the players or legends is assigned as the Jumpmaster of the game, he is in charge of controlling the jump of all the members of the team and the landing location on the map.

This role has the ability or characteristic of allowing the simultaneous deployment of all the players in the squad, as long as it is agreed and no one opts for a manual jump or to separate from the team, which results in a position of high responsibility within from the world of Apex Legends

What risks and drawbacks are there in the ‘Jumpmaster’ role?

To have a better experience within the game, it is important to check and solve errors in DNS, Lag and Ping , as well as to evaluate the skills and practice the most with the legends. So that when the time comes you know how to face the experience of being the Jump Leader, so that you can answer for yourself and your team.

The challenges that can arise in the landing process are various, but the most relevant are related to less experienced teammates , who group without strategy, refusing to separate from the team when sliding when required. Another great risk is given by the same inability of the Jumpmaster to disengage from the team, which generates total chaos.

Reduces chances of a good score

As we have mentioned before, there are several theories, the result of the experience of the user community, that affirm that certain behaviors within the game predispose you as the ideal candidate to become the jump master of the game. If you are interested in knowing one of them, we will tell you that it is related to the choice of your legend.

When choosing your character, you should know that you have a timer to do so . Well, if you are one of those who have planned your favorite player beforehand and you quickly rush to choose him, without time running out, it is practically certain that you will be assigned as the Jumpmaster.

So an easy method to reduce the chances of Apex Legends assigning you the Jump Leader role is to make sure that while you’re choosing your character, you consume the timer. Although this is a great help, it may be that all your colleagues are applying it , so do not forget to communicate your insecurity to take responsibility, so that you can define alternatives as a team.

Little time to choose the character

If you are looking to avoid a position of responsibility in this video game, it is because you have not yet developed the necessary skills to feel confident. In these cases, practicing the simplest movements, how to holster a weapon in Apex Legends , greatly contributes to improving your performance.

Assuming it’s gotten to the point where you’ve been designated as the Jumpmaster, perhaps because you didn’t apply the time rule in character selection , you’ll be looking for a way to get ahead with the squad. Remember that there is always the option to “Resign” which you can use, although it is more convenient for you to chat with your team and expose the situation.

There are always trolls in your way

It may be fun for you to knock down enemy doors , melee combat, glide through the air with your character, but for other network users, sabotaging the game is fun. Do not be surprised that while you share the game online with strangers , you run into some who do nonsense.

From annihilating the entire squad, just because they can’t take the stress, to driving the team to an inconvenient landing, these are users called trolls. They do n’t really have a specific goal in the game, but they can really mess up the moment.

Is there a way to bypass the ‘Jumpmaster’ role in Apex Legends?

It is normal that you feel fear and nerves the first few times the role of Jumpmaster is assigned, however, the best solution in this case is that you press the “resign” button and give someone more qualified the responsibility of landing the equipment. in the most convenient location.

Look to the sky while you wear them

Some theories suggest tricks like looking up, letting the timer run out when choosing your character, etc. But the truth is that any of these solutions could be eradicated from the software at any moment. So, the best decision you can make is to learn some basic physics, study and practice your strategy , so that next time you will be a good jump master.


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