How not to appear online on WhatsApp

Instant messaging tools like WhatsApp have solved our lives a lot. But they have also caused us great pressure to always answer the messages at the moment so that the other person does not get angry. Keep in mind that whenever we are connected our status appears as Online , so if we want to ignore someone it is easy for them to notice. But how not to appear online on WhatsApp? Keep reading this article.

Luckily, there are a few little tricks that can help keep others from noticing that you are online , so that you can take your use of the app more in stride.


Although many users have been asking for it for years, we have entered 2021 without WhatsApp having decided to launch an option that allows others not to realize that we are connected . And is that not appearing online on WhatsApp can get us out of many problems this 2021. Therefore, we have no choice but to go to some secondary tricks to prevent others from having excessive control over our use of the app.

One of the most comfortable ways is to read and reply to messages from notifications . As you have not entered the application directly, there will be no record that you have been online.

Another very simple way is also to put the mobile for a moment in airplane mode . As we do not have an Internet connection, we will not be technically online. And we can calmly read and write our messages without leaving any mark. The moment you remove the airplane mode, the messages you have written while you were offline will be sent instantly.

A very simple way that not many people know is to use the WhatsApp widget . On the home screen of your phone, go to an area without icons and leave your finger pressed on it. The different widgets that you have at your disposal will appear. You will only have to choose the 4 × 2 WhatsApp. There we can read and respond to any of the messages that reach us without entering the application directly and, therefore, without appearing online at any time, which gives us greater privacy.


You may not only want to appear online when you are reading messages, but the message that you are writing will not appear to the other person . This can be very useful when we do not want them to realize that we have started writing and deleted a message, or even when for whatever reason we do not want anyone to know that we write quite slowly.

For this, any of the tricks that we have mentioned above can serve you , since in none of them we will appear as writing.

But, if you don’t quite manage with them, there are also third-party applications that can be useful. One of the most recommended is Unseen , which allows you to hide the double blue check to read messages incognito. In addition, it not only works for WhatsApp, but it also works with other applications such as Instagram.


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