How Nano HiTech Liquid Shield Works

It is necessary to know how the Nado Hi Tech liquid protector works to take care of your phone. After so much work and effort to raise money to buy a smartphone, you usually want to protect it. Fortunately, the market for mobile devices is quite large.

There are accessories of all kinds, especially to take care of them from blows. If there is something you should know, it is how the liquid protector Nano Hi Tech works for cell phones.

Placing a traditional screen protector can bring as many advantages as disadvantages . Although a store has the model for your device, the protector may not fit completely. Some can even cause you problems in terms of touch and the colors of your screen.

Undoubtedly, over the years, cell phone screens are getting better quality because they show us a better image. But, just as the image shown by cell phones has improved, it can also be said that over the years, all screens have become fragile.

Before it was a time where if a phone fell, you could be completely confident that nothing was going to happen to it. On the contrary, you have to be very careful because the slightest scratch can make a big mark on this screen as well as much stronger damage. For this reason, various protectors or screensavers have been created, among which the new Nano HiTech protective liquid stands out.

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  1. What are Nano HiTech protectors?
  2. How to install these protectors
  3. How does Nano Hi Tech liquid protector for cell phones work?
  4. Would using the Nano HiTech affect the operation of my mobile in any way?
  5. How to change your protector after having a Nano HiTecha
  6. Where can I buy a protector of this type?
  7. Do you dare to try this new protector?

What are Nano HiTech protectors?

These protectors are relatively recent on the mobile device market. Its main virtue and characteristic is that it is compatible with any model . In fact, it is even compatible with tablets.

The simple fact of being a protective liquid guarantees greater efficiency when installed . It is very unlikely (if not impossible), that there are bubbles on the screen of your cell phone .

This is a protector that was created by a company called ProtectPax that was designed for the protection of phones. With the aim of taking care of cell phones and not having to enclose cell phones in a protective case.

Working with liquid crystal that becomes a layer when applied to the screen, it hardens quickly and creates an extremely effective protector. This liquid is capable of withstanding many blows and they have even tested cars by running over phones without breaking.

It has nano particles made of the compound Titanium dioxide which makes it an extremely resistant glass. The protection offered by this crystal is approximately one full year. Not only does it work with telephones but you can also use it on watches, TV screens and cameras

How to install these protectors

Knowing how the Nano HiTech liquid protector works, you should also know how to proceed to make a correct installation. Most importantly, the protective liquid crystal always comes with a set of instructions for proper procedure and accurate installation.

To understand how Nano Hi Tech Liquid Protector works, you need to review its physical appearance. Typically packages contain 2-4 small microfiber cloths. These are accompanied by a kind of tiny bottle, which contains the protective liquid .

Before proceeding with the installation of the liquid, you should make sure to clean your cell phone with alcohol . Since the screen of your cell phone must be completely clean for everything to come out correctly. To do this, you can use at least two of the microfiber cloths that the package contains. To avoid any possible inconvenience, please turn off your mobile device.

Pour the protective liquid on the screen of your cell phone. You cannot leave any area of ​​the screen without crystalline substance since if this happens you will not have protection. It is also recommended that this liquid does not spread beyond the screen.

Use another of the microfiber cloths to spread it across the screen. The liquid must reach every corner of the cell phone screen to guarantee the protection of all areas.

Wait a few minutes or about ten minutes for it to get completely hard and stiff. After this you can start to test this protective liquid without having to worry too much about not starting or marking the screen.

How does Nano Hi Tech liquid protector for cell phones work?

As has been demonstrated, this kind of protection for tablet and cell phone screens is easy to install. However, many still have a question … does this liquid tempered glass really work ?

To understand how the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector works, there is an element that you must take into account: “9H”. What does that number and that letter mean? These are part of the “Mohs scale”, this scale indicates the level of hardness of the materials .

The 9H indicates that the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector is made of a material called “Corundum”. This material is only scratched with silicon carbide tools .

Would using the Nano HiTech affect the operation of my mobile in any way?

Another fundamental aspect of both the Nano Hi Tech and any other type of screen protector. The installation of a screen saver or traditional tempered glass (plastic) can bring serious consequences in this regard. Especially if, of course, it is of poor quality .

However, the Nano Hi Tech liquid protector is also characterized by its extremely thin layer . This does not affect the level of protection that it can provide to the screen of your cell phone. So, on that side, you can have a lot of peace of mind.

In fact, this protector is much more effective than traditional plastic ones. Since the glass layer is so thin, the screen has even more sensitivity so the phone keypad will work perfectly.

In the same way, although the glass receives a lot of blows you should not worry about the operation of the touch. Since this spectacular protector was made to withstand this type of damage without having to impair the use of mobile tools such as the screen. You also do not have to worry about moistening the glass with your hands, since the use of this glass makes that not even the fingerprints are marked on the glass.

How to change your protector after having a Nano HiTecha

The Nano Hi Tech liquid protector, like the rest of the protectors, can be removed . In fact, on the internet you will find a large number of videos about it. Many people install this protector to test them and then remove them. The truth is that they are simply spectacular videos, since they demonstrate the level of protection.

To change the protector you must wait for at least a year to pass so that its useful life has passed. Although if you want to reinforce the protector that you already have, after six months of use you can apply a second layer of protective substance following the installation steps described above.

Installing a second time will be a bit easier , since you already know how to proceed in this case. However, the new part is going to be removing the first coat that was previously applied. So if you have a pretty heavy job and your protector has been damaged, keep calm! You can remove the Nano Hi Tech liquid and replace it with another one by following the steps described above.

Where can I buy a protector of this type?

Currently, this type of crystals has become very popular and famous throughout the world. So most stores that offer cell phone parts and equipment can have this for sale. So you shouldn’t do such an exhaustive search to find the protective glasses.

Some virtual stores also have these resources available within their offers. Therefore, you can do a search on these sites like eBay or Aliexpress and buy them. The cost of these crystals will not cause problems when buying it because everywhere the price has been very well seen by the public because it seems affordable.

Do you dare to try this new protector?

As you can see, there are many reasons why the installation of Nano Hi Tech liquid protector is recommended. Its advantage, ease of installation and high level of protection make it a great investment in the long term. Your phone will be highly protected and you can be more calm. It won’t scratch or chip from any hit.

Nano Hi Tech is especially useful for those people who can be a bit dumb or sleepy who drop the phone a lot. Since with this protector, no matter how many times it is dropped, the screen will remain intact and without any problem. Well, Titanium dioxide receives and withstands each blow without anything happening to it.

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