How much money have I spent on League of Legends?

If you’ve ever wondered how much money you’ve spent on League of Legends and you want to know the exact amount, read on to find out the easiest way to do it. Many people spend in small amounts, but those amounts, accumulated in years, can make a fairly large one, which can sometimes surprise you easily.

How much money have I spent on League of Legends? – Money Spent on LoL

How do I know how much I have spent on League of Legends?

Although we are talking about a game that is completely free , some features can be improved with a small economic investment. Believe it or not, the chances of buying  unique items in the store are increased when paying in real life, keep in mind that nothing forces you to buy in this game.

Riot, the game’s developer, has decided to put in the hands of users a tool that allows them to know how much they have specifically spent on their account . For this, it is necessary to follow some steps, so that you can consult your personal amount in the correct way and without mistakes.

In order to know how much you have spent in League of Legends you must access the official League of Legends website, there, you will have the opportunity to know your amount. First, you must log in with your personal account, another simple option is to Google “how much money have I spent on LoL” , this will give you the opportunity to access easily.

Keep in mind that you must verify that the page you enter is the one belonging to League of Legends, thus, you avoid phishing your LoL data . When you enter that link, Riot will automatically indicate how much money you have invested in your account, keep in mind some important information that we tell you below.

First, the amount shown is only in the area or region where you are, that is, if you have bought in other areas, it will not be reflected. Also, you should know that if you have invested in other accounts; Riot will not count it, therefore, you will only know what you have spent in the account you place.

What have you spent on in League of Legends?

As we already mentioned, this is a free game , but it is complemented with some microtransactions that facilitate the player experience, although not everything is so simple. If you ask yourself; Paying for some items does not give you an advantage in the game, anything you buy will not be more powerful than if you buy it with Blue Essence.

In case you are already an experienced player, it is certain that this has not limited you, buying Skins , improvements for your champions and the odd element. These Skins that you acquire you can also refund them .

It’s easy to see that small purchases may not seem so large, but sometimes a total amount can be quite surprising.

Why does Riot let you know how much you have spent on League of Legends?

In a way, knowing the amount of your expenses is an interesting fact, you probably think that it is less or that it is more than what your figures show. The most striking thing about this is the impact it has caused on the players, many are incredulous at its amounts, which can be quite high.

Riot has made this known to help those who may be investing more than they would like in this game. Although the highest correspond to players who tend to stream or are considered experts, who may have been playing for more than ten years.

We advise you to consider your amount, try to calculate how your experience has been in your playing time with the money you have spent. If you are satisfied, you know that this is an adequate amount, otherwise, increase it a little or decrease it as the case may be, adapt to what you can spend.

Having money in the League of Legends game allows you to acquire in-game gold and earn master tactics.

For more secure game conditions, to take care of your purchases, purchases and your money in the game, it is recommended that you change your game password to a more secure one.


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