How much does the Twitch Prime subscription cost?

When we think of Twitch, we surely think of true quality and a great option to entertain ourselves for a while. And it is understandable, since it has a wide variety of streaming channels, especially for the world of gamers. That is why, if you want to further improve your experience on this wonderful platform, in this article we will show you how much the Twitch Prime subscription costs .

Twitch has several options that allow its users to enjoy a great entertainment experience. Now imagine this experience, with many more improvements. Do you want to enjoy Twitch Prime ? Then read on and discover the price to pay to start using it as soon as possible.

How much does the Twitch Prime subscription cost?

There is no doubt that Twitch has earned a place in the heart of every gamer, being one of the main platforms on which content on this topic is shared. Looking at the wonderful options of the Amazon platform launched almost 10 years ago, it is understandable that today it has more than 15 million active users around the world.

And one of the best ideas from the Twitch developers has been to launch its “Premium” version, especially dedicated to those who want to make video games a much more important place in their lives.

We are talking about Twitch Prime, a service that greatly expands all the functions that we know of the usual Twitch. But, what does this new service consist of? Well, here we explain it briefly.

What is Twitch Prime?

Anyone who has managed to create an account on Twitch , knows that this new platform offers a lot of possibilities to all its users. But now, with the arrival of Twitch Prime, we can get a lot more benefits for a small price.

There are several characteristics that make this service one of true quality. Next, we show you a list of the characteristics that make the new Twitch Prime unique and special . They are:

  • A large number of totally free games. As you have heard, with the purchase of Twitch Prime, Amazon will give you various games for your unlimited enjoyment.
  • In-game gifts. In certain installments such as GTA Online and World Of Tanks, you will be able to obtain various aspects such as cars, power-ups in the game, characters, among others totally free.
  • Greater storage space. Players can store their broadcasts for just 14 set by default, but now they can save them for up to two months without issue.
  • Amazon Prime and Prime Video totally free. Those who purchase a Twitch subscription can also enjoy all the services available on Amazon’s other platforms, such as the famous Amazon Prime Video series and movies.

Looking at all this, we have no doubt that knowing how to subscribe with Twitch Prime is a huge benefit for anyone. In addition to this, you can also unlock special content and thus improve the stream chat on Twitch, this being an extremely important aspect of the platform.

How much do you have to pay to use Twitch Prime?

Surely you are wondering how much you have to pay to use this excellent Twitch service. Well, you’ll be glad to know that it’s actually a great price , available to anyone who wants to use it to stream on Twitch .

After subscribing and having a totally free trial of Twitch Prime for 30 days , you will have to pay the modest price of 3.99 euros or 36 euros per year. That’s it! Once you have paid for your subscription, you can continue to enjoy all the options offered by this service for gamers offered by Amazon.

Twitch is undoubtedly an excellent option for all gamers or fans of video games. And if you want to achieve much more in your experience using this platform, we highly recommend that you use Twitch Prime and start enjoying it as soon as possible.


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