How much does it cost to change the car oil

Knowing precisely the total cost of the car oil change (and filters) is not that complicated, but it depends above all on the type of lubricant, which in turn is linked to some specifications of the engine. Here’s how to calculate it (and how to save).

Oil and filter: what they are for

First of all we remind you that oil and relative filter are fundamental parts to guarantee the constant and optimal lubrication of the internal components of the engine.

Specifically, the filter retains impurities, be they dusts or metal particles, while the oil allows connecting rods, pistons, valves and crankshafts to work at their best: these are steel components that would be damaged in the absence of a correct lubricant. too quickly, causing irreparable consequences.

Please note: wear of the mechanical parts is still inevitable even in the presence of engine oil, but changing the oil and filter preserves (and increases) the life of the engine and all its components, lowering maintenance costs in the long run. Here’s how.

Oil and filter: how to change them

To change the oil , the mechanic lifts the car on the bridge, opens the lubrication circuit by unscrewing the valve (usually under the oil pan) to let it come out and eliminate it completely.

At this point, he closes the oil pan and refills, usually with a lubricant of the same type.

Why do you change the oil if it is still present? Because the oil becomes exhausted after a few kilometers of travel and no longer lubricates properly.

The oil change intervals specified by the manufacturer should always be respected.

Oil and filter: costs and do it yourself

The cost of changing your machine oil depends on:

  • oil cost per liter
  • amount of oil required
  • cost of labor
  • cost filter

In fact, the oil price is almost always added to the price of the new oil filter, replace oil as it does not filter it makes little sense: always choose a quality oil filter , so there are no problems and guarantee the best performances in time.

Is it useful to save on oil change costs? No, this is a fundamental operation, as is the quality of the lubricant used. However, you can opt for a generic oil rather than a branded one, always choosing quality oils and always buying them from well-known retailers.

Last advice: to change, never wait for the engine oil warning light to come on , but always carry out proper periodic maintenance , as this affects your finances and the “life” of your car.


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