How Microsoft SwiftKey Clipboard Works

Telephones are temples of each person, since each one is a piece of technology that is completely personalized by the person who bought it or who owns it. This is because one of the reasons why people prefer android phones is that you have the chance to customize a lot of settings that simply cannot be done on other phones.

An example of all these customizable effects is the keyboard. If you have a Samsung brand phone, you will be familiar with the problems that factory keyboards present, so we always turn to other types of keyboards. Among the companies that make keyboards for phones is Microsoft. They developed a keyboard called SwiftKey, which is very famous among Smartphone users.

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  1. Microsoft SwiftKey Clipboard Features
  2. Learn to use this clipboard step by step
    1. How to copy text from the clipboard
    2. How to delete clipboard content
    3. How to manage saved clips
    4. How to use stickers with the SwiftKey clipboard
    5. How to create a shortcut
  3. Sync SwiftKey to Android Cloud with Windows 10
  4. Extra tricks of the App that few know
    1. Enable classic gestures
  5. How and from where can I download SwiftKey
    1. Download SwiftKey on Android
    2. Download SwiftKey on iOS
  6. What is Swift Key? How do I know if I have it on my device?
  7. How to use the clipboard on the SwiftKey keyboard?
  8. What other options does the Swift Key keyboard have?

Microsoft SwiftKey Clipboard Features

A clipboard is the space where the text or images that we have copied on our keyboard are stored . In all the default keyboards, we can only save one element at a time, since if we do it again it is automatically deleted.

Now, when we use the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard, we have this same option but a new addition that allows us, in addition to copying an item to the clipboard, to keep it saved for other occasions . Thanks to this we can copy and save several times before having to delete it, saving a lot of time and facilitating our writing with this keyboard.

Learn to use this clipboard step by step

Having seen the features offered by the Microsoft SwiftKey clipboard, we will see how to use each of these functions, from how to copy text to using stickers .

How to copy text from the clipboard

For keyboards there are default controls, so the SwiftKey does not get out of this. Then, we will have two ways to do it, the first is the traditional one of holding down a text until the ‘copy’ appears.

The second option is to enter the clipboard and press the pencil icon, once there we enter this element where it says ‘Add new clip’ and that’s it. In this same space we can save everything we want to paste it when we need it.

How to delete clipboard content

If we see that we have our clipboard full, instead of making it easier for us to write, it will begin to hinder. To avoid this, we must delete some items that are too many on our clipboard. Doing it is simple, we just have to follow these steps:

  • Open the SwiftKey toolbar and go to the clipboard.
  • Once we know that we want to delete, we press from left to right quickly, deleting the clip that we have chosen.

How to manage saved clips

To manage our clips that we have saved, we have to enter the toolbar of our keyboard, then we enter the clipboard and we will see each of the clips that we decide to save. Now, we press and drag where we want to move the clip , better managing its distribution on the screen.

How to use stickers with the SwiftKey clipboard

With Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard, we can also store stickers on our clipboard. saving large groups even when copying and pasting from the keyboard.

How to create a shortcut

Finally, an excellent function that Switfkey gives us is to create shortcuts. These can be especially useful when giving complex information , having the answer at hand and not having to copy everything from scratch again. To use this function we have to:

  • We press the toolbar and go to where the pencil icon is.
  • There we will see those that we already have saved.
  • Then we have to touch one of the boxes and copy in one part the text that will say our shortcut and what phrase will be the one that activates it.
  • If we want to use it, what we have to do is copy the phrase or word that activates the shortcut and it will appear in the predictions of our SwitfKey keyboard.

Sync SwiftKey to Android Cloud with Windows 10

The harmony between devices and operating systems is extremely useful and speeds up any task . This is the case of SwiftKey that has a synchronization of the keyboard and its configuration, making it possible to use what was copied to the clipboard with Windows 10.

To do this we have to enter once again, the very useful SwiftKey toolbar, where we will see on the one hand the saved clips that we have and on the other the option to synchronize with Windows 10 .

Extra tricks of the App that few know

As we can see, SwiftKey provides a more advanced keyboard service, personalized and adapted to current activities, taking full advantage of technology . But do we take 100% advantage of SwiftKey? The application has several ‘tricks’ that can help us, so we will explain some of the best.

  • Multiple language support: We can add more languages ​​to our keyboard and predictor, giving support to those who use more than one language in their day-to-day lives.
  • Different themes: With the SwiftKey keyboard we can see our keyboard as we want, since we can add different themes that give it a better touch than the default one.
  • Change size: We also have the option of increasing or reducing the size of our keyboard, adapting to how it is most comfortable for us

Enable classic gestures

Finally, we have the option of using gestures to write on our keyboard. This helps us if we have one hand occupied, we can write using only one finger . It can be activated from the toolbar without any problem.

How and from where can I download SwiftKey

SwiftKey is one of the most used keyboard services in stores of all operating systems, especially Android and iOS, which are designed for mobile devices  . Next, we will show you how to download it in both cases.

Download SwiftKey on Android

We can easily find it in the Play Store, even among the most downloaded applications. It also serves us for the keyboard of our tablet and clearly our phone.

Download SwiftKey on iOS

In this case, it is also one of the applications with the most downloads. Being the same case, it is available in the App Store and we can use it for an iPad and an iPhone .

What is Swift Key? How do I know if I have it on my device?

Since the beginning of the production of Smartphones, it has been known that an opponent was needed that was effective enough to face the auto-correct and predictive text included in iPhone phones.

This is because Apple spent a large amount of money to develop a system that could learn the things that the user writes in order to make a map of recurring words, which begin to be displayed every time the person begins to write them, in order to do so. cut the time it takes to write.

In 2008, a couple of American men named Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock developed a system that would serve the same purpose, but in a more efficient way and for a greater number of telephones, since since the launch of this keyboard, it has positioned itself as one of the favorites of Smartphone fans.

To find out if your phone has a Swift Key, you just have to access the options section of your phone. Usually you do it by lowering the notification screen and you will see a gear symbol.

When you press it, it will show you the configuration menu of the mobile. At the top you will see a magnifying glass, and if you press it, it will let you write a text. Type the word ‘ Keyboard’ and it will show you the option of ‘ On-Screen Keyboard’. When you access this menu, you will see a box that says ‘ Default Keyboard’. If you do not get SwiftKey, you must download it from Google Play.

How to use the clipboard on the SwiftKey keyboard?

This is very easy. First of all, on the clipboard you have more options than simply copying and pasting, because in this section you are allowed to see a large number of elements that you have selected and have not used or have been forgotten. If you have had Swift Key for a long time, accessing the clipboard is a disastrous task as we have to see a large number of files that we have to delete.

If you see the photo attached at the top, you will see that in Swift Key you have a button that is three horizontal bars in the upper left part of the keyboard. If you click on that button, it will show you the keyboard configuration. Here you can also change the color, however, we are going to concentrate on the table on the right. This will show you the clipboard.

If you have never opened the clipboard, it will show you a text window that will show you the basics of the service and how you can get the best out of it, so that you can use your phone as a computer.

What other options does the Swift Key keyboard have?

Among these, you can change the keyboard color . As well as you can configure it so that in case you are a bilingual person, you can use up to two different languages ​​at the same time. However, if you still do not know how to change the keyboard of your phone , we recommend that you learn, as it is important that you can customize your terminal to the maximum.

Another feature that Swift Key has is vibration when pressing keys . This has several graduations, and you can choose between a strong, light, short, long or interrupted vibration.

Of course, many people always warn that this uses a lot of battery, and that is why it is important that you know how to deactivate the vibration in Swift Key keyboards. Mobile experts know many tricks, such as the best keyboards for Android, as there are several companies dedicated to it.

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