How many stores does Getir have in Madrid and Barcelona?

The Getir company has become the home shopping option of many Spaniards, due to its ease of use and the wide variety in the product catalog that it makes available to its customers .

But many wonder in which cities this service is available. This time we will give you the answer, and we will also explain why there is little left for Getir to reach all of Spain.

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  1. Why is Getir only available in Madrid and Barcelona?
  2. How many stores does Getir have in Madrid and Barcelona?
  3. What cities are you planning to expand to and by when?

Why is Getir only available in Madrid and Barcelona?

This matter raises doubts to many people, since they do not understand why a service as useful as Getir is limited only to Madrid and Barcelona. Well, precisely its work methodology is what causes the problem , for two reasons:

  • Delivery time: Getir works with a record delivery time of 10 minutes maximum, which is why it has stood out against the competition.
  • Company location: Getir’s service is available to people who live within the same city as the company.

Both factors lead us to an easy conclusion: in order to meet the delivery time it is necessary for the person to be in a city where Getir operates . In this case, Madrid and Barcelona. If you are in another location, the delivery men would take much longer to arrive, due to the distance.

That is basically the explanation to this matter that generates so many doubts. Now, this does not mean that it will always be this way . Getir has a work policy that implies an expansion throughout the countries in which it has its branches.

For this, the company is placing offices in the cities with greater economic importance , of course. Madrid is the capital of Spain, so it was essential that the service got there.

The same with Barcelona, ​​although in this case Getir had the possibility of buying from a very similar home delivery company that was already there. All he had to do was redesign the facilities.

Therefore, the possibility of Getir being in other Spanish cities is only a matter of time . Proof of this is that it has already done this in Turkey, with excellent sales results.

How many stores does Getir have in Madrid and Barcelona?

Thanks to the acceptance of the clientele in Madrid and Barcelona, Getir has been able to build a wide network of warehouses in these two cities . Each one has a different number of branches:

  • Madrid: To date, it has 13 warehouses in total, so it houses the majority.
  • Barcelona: Here, at least for the moment, only six stores are located.

If we add up all this, we obtain a total of 19 Getir branches . All are strategically distributed in each city, so that you can find one near your home or home.

As we have already said, these branches constitute the complete Getir network within Spain, since they are in a certain way interconnected. They also share the same payment system, divided into two main options :

  • PayPal : it is the platform most used by those who buy at Getir, thanks to its ease of use.
  • Zelle: Although less popular than PayPal, it has almost all of its functions.

That way, if you have any of these platforms, you can go to any Getir warehouse in your city. The only requirement is that they are affiliated with your credit card , so that you can use the funds.

What cities are you planning to expand to and by when?

As we have been saying, Getir’s plan has never been to stay alone in Madrid and Barcelona . This company has the goal of being the number one in home deliveries not only within Spain, but throughout the European continent and even in the United States.

This year has allowed the company to advance in that goal. Proof of this was that he opened a branch in London . There, despite not being so well known at first, it achieved incomparable success. That allowed him to set up other branches, this time in other major capitals: Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.

From then on, speculation began about when Getir would try his luck in the United States. According to the statements, possibly by the end of the year the company will open branches in three key cities : Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

But, resuming expansion in Spain, the outlook so far is very good. Getir has quickly gained many followers for its service, thanks to the quality it offers and its system of discounts and offers.

Consequently, it has become known that there are three cities in the company’s sights: Andalusia, Valencia and the Basque Country. The branches could start their operations there in early 2022 .

In conclusion, Getir has an expansive business vision, so the problem of him being alone in Barcelona and Madrid will not last long . Therefore, if you are not in either of those two cities, download their official app so that you are ready when they arrive in your area.

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