How many seasons does Axie Infinity have?

If you have heard of the popular game called Axie Infinity to make money investing and playing , you must know certain very important things about it in order to play and be a winner. It is convenient that you know that this game has had several seasons and that if you have played a long time ago, there may be certain news that interest you.

So far it has had 18 seasons in which changes have been made to improve the game more and more and attract the attention of new players.

On the other hand, if you are an active player today, you will surely be interested in knowing all the changes that Axie Infinity will have for this new season . If so, then keep reading this article where you will learn about some of those changes and the places where you can stay informed about news and updates.

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  1. What season of Axie Infinity are we currently in?
  2. What are all the cards that have come out in Axie Infinity?
  3. How do I see which changes were important to the game?

What season of Axie Infinity are we currently in?

Every season that Axie infinity releases comes with quite new things that manage to capture the interest of players in continuing to stay in the game or attract new players to create an account . Currently, Axie Infinity is going for its 18th season and brought with it very significant news.

These changes were very impressive 18 season, especially economically, since the SLP were reducid or s half , ie 50% was reduced. In turn, it is intended that newbies have a better chance of winning , as the PVP Arena will be more flexible with these beginning players.

The creators of the game decided to make these big changes because they have a very specific goal, which is based on the game being successful in the long term . All this means that the changes that Axie Infinity brings have the main objective that the game has much more demand than it already has.

It is evident that despite the success that Axie Infinity has in the world of cryptocurrencies, it intends to continue growing with the implementation of its new and drastic strategies.

What are all the cards that have come out in Axie Infinity?

In Axie Infinity you can find hundreds of cards to use, but these cards are divided by classes. First we have the aquatic class and that when combining their cards they can generate great damage against certain classes and are characterized by their speed.

You also have the beast class , which if you play well with their cards you can cause great damage to the opponent and are characterized by their good combos.

With respect to the plant class , these are a kind of support when the computer forms. In their letters you will be able to notice all the important skills they have.

In the bug class , if you combine your cards in the best way you can get the most out of it, since this class can cancel movements and much more.

If you analyze all the advantages that the bird class has, you will realize that it is a great option. This is because with their cards you can make a good deck. The class focuses on knockout attack, making it vulnerable to most other classes.

Finally, the reptilian class even though it is not as strong against the beast class, if you play its cards well you can achieve a good shield and achieve significant damage to your opponents.

How do I see which changes were important to the game?

Every season of Axie Infinity brings with it changes of all kinds that turn out to be quite significant for the game. Players need to be aware of all of them, as they will be able to act in the way that suits them best and carry out their strategies so that their investment continues to generate the desired income.

It is no secret to anyone that l will real players always want to be informed of changes in the economy of Axie Infinity, which includes the purchase of AXS.

To know about the changes of Axie infinity it is advisable to be aware of the updates of each season on the platform. You can also keep an eye on their social networks to keep up with the news in the game and comments from the founders on the subject.


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