How many Minecraft games are there and what is each one about?

If you want to know how many types of Minecraft games there are, you’ve come to the right place. This famous game was published by the world famous Notch back in 2009 and since then it has come a long way.

Such has been its success that countless games have been inspired by it or seek to replicate its formula. Whether in style, mechanics or aesthetics, it has become a true benchmark in the world of video games. That said, you can find several official Minecraft games and here you can find out what other possibilities you have yet to discover.

How many Minecraft Games are there and what is each one about?

The original Minecraft

It is the first to be published and is available exclusively on PC, both Windows and Mac and Linux. Today it is known as the Java Edition (due to its programming) and it continues to be constantly updated, with a lively community and countless mods.

To play it you must have an account in Mojang and with it you can access thematic servers and online worlds . This being the original game, it founds the foundations of what all types of Minecraft games are. A survival video game that is based on 3 pillars: exploration, gathering resources and crafting objects.

It is not a novel concept in itself, but the innovation is given by its particular “cubist” aesthetic and simple, frank and refreshing interactions. It is an infinite game that invites creation and discovery.

Main types of Minecraft games

But this has not been Mojang’s only game, and even before being acquired by Microsoft it was already being developed on other platforms. All this generated a development that currently has generated the following editions:

Bedrock Edition

This comes to replace the Legacy Edition and is the playable version on all types of consoles . It is the most direct heir to the Pocket Edition for Android that came out almost at the same time as the original.

These versions simply sought to adapt the original Minecraft to the particularities of each type of console with varying degrees of success.

However, it was not until the better together update that they were unified in the same code. This makes it possible for different platforms to interact with each other, with which the multiplayer possibilities are absolutely massive.

It is currently the leading version as far as Minecraft is concerned , although it is certainly somewhat more restrictive. In any case, it is not very different from the Java Edition and the two are usually on par.

Education Edition

Using the game as a base, this edition is perhaps the most special among all types of Minecraft games because it focuses on the educational field.

It represents an innovative idea that allows educators to configure different aspects of the game to use it as a teaching-learning tool . From learning a programming language to traveling through forgotten civilizations, the possibilities are simply lost sight of.

Other types of Minecraft games

Now, as far as Minecraft is concerned, there are also other proposals that explore other possibilities of this extraordinary game.

Story Mode

Located in the Minecraft universe, in it we follow Jesse’s adventures according to the player’s decisions. Starting with the protagonist’s own gender! Thought as an interactive story , it offers another vision of the world in blocks.

Minecraft earth

Launched this same 2020, it represents an interesting bet for the augmented reality that is fashionable for mobile devices.

Minecraft dungeon

Also from this year 2020, this game focuses mainly on combat , maintaining the style and aesthetics of the saga. In this case, the protagonism is focused on combat and collecting items to clear dungeons and complete missions.

Whatever version of Minecraft you have, it is important to know which version of the game it is to know if it is necessary to update it.

To make your game more fun, you can also include Pokémon characters in your Minecraft world thanks to Pixelmon. Besides that you can also include mini-games , or the Minecraft pocket version.


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