How many megabytes do Fortnite, and PUBG Mobile consume?

The ways we have fun have changed over the years, previously games were a bit more traditional. With the implementation of technology in everything that surrounds us, it was not left behind to find a way to adapt it to our forms of fun.

This is how video games arose, these are pre-designed systems with which we can interact openly . It is no secret to anyone that video games have completely revolutionized the ways of having fun.

How Many Megabytes Do Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and League of Legends Games Consume?

As technological advances emerged, they were implemented in video game devices . This is how we got to what we have today, in relation to video games.

How many megabytes do Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and LoL consume?

Currently we have a great variety when choosing which video games to play, there are games designed for each specific taste. Likewise, the graphics and connectivity that it has are much better than years ago.

One of the categories that has been resoundingly successful is multiplayer games , where several players go online to share the same game. In these, you can fight or cooperate with each other to overcome levels and have wonderful experiences.

Among the most popular games in this category are Fortnite , PUBG Mobile and League of Legends . Its popularity has been such that online tournaments are currently being organized with thousands of spectators and with incredible prizes.

These video games have the particularity that they are designed with very good graphics, as well as an excellent performance when playing online. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, they make the experience much better.

On the other hand, as they are games specially designed for multiplayer battles, the speed of the internet with which we are connected plays a very important role. Since if the internet speed is slow, the game will not run properly.

On the other hand, these are video games that consume many megabytes when playing online . In this article we will learn how many megabytes the Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and League of Legends games consume .

How many megabytes does Fortnite consume?

Fortnite was developed by the Epic Games company and officially launched in 2017, since its premiere it became one of the most played games in the world. His forte was the Battle Royale version , where you can connect up to 100 players at a time and fight until you are the last one standing.

This video game has the characteristic that it has very good graphics , with incredible images. In general it is a very complete game, with which we can have a lot of fun.

When playing online, this game consumes on average between 50 and 60 MB per hour, so we need an internet plan that meets these characteristics. As long as we want the game to run properly.

How many megabytes does PUBG Mobile consume?


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game developed by the PUBG Corporation company and officially launched in 2015. In a short time PUBG Mobile achieved incredible success, thanks to the gameplay in online mode.

PUBG Mobile is basically an outdoor battle game , where we control a character to face enemies. The multiplayer mode is the one that stands out the most, many players can be connected at the same time and live epic battles.

The graphics PUBG Mobile was designed with are really good, as is its general interface. This video game consumes between 40 and 60 MB per hour of play , which makes it a moderate consumption if the game in general is taken into account.

How many megabytes does League of Legends consume?

Released in 2009 League of Legends is currently one of the most popular video games in esports tournaments . The League of Legends game consumes an average of 70 MB for every 40 minutes of play.

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