How many featured stories can I limit to Instagram?

In recent years, Instagram has been characterized as one of the most complete social networks of all. And it is understandable, since it not only allows us to contact who we want, but it offers many other functions with an infinite number of uses. If you want to be more popular on the famous social network, an excellent medium is stories, so below we will show you how many featured stories can be uploaded as a limit to Instagram .

How Many Featured Stories Can Be Uploaded to Instagram Limit? – Find out

At this point many of us know how to use the Instagram Stories section, and even add featured stories to our feed . That is undoubtedly an excellent option to improve our profile, so it is normal that we want to add as many as we can. If this is your intention, but you don’t know what the limit of stories is, in this article we help you find out.

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How many featured stories can be uploaded to Instagram?

In these changing times, one thing we can all assure you is that social networks are here to stay. There is no doubt that for most of us, networks have become an indispensable aspect of our lives. From the youngest to the oldest in the house, they have had to use them at some point.

In fact, one of the most used and useful so far has been Instagram, since many even use it for their daily business. And one of the best tools to have more visits on Instagram stories have been the featured stories, which are always kept in our Feed or profile.

But unfortunately, as in everything else, there is a limit to them. But the good thing is that it is a fairly reasonable limit, that is, about 100 outstanding stories , which we can say are more than enough if we want to be more popular on the famous social network. Now, how can we upload and organize them? Next we will give you some tips that will undoubtedly help you a lot.

How to upload featured stories to Instagram?

Featured stories have greatly improved our method of uploading stories, as we shouldn’t be afraid of them disappearing in 24 hours. That is why now we show you how to highlight stories on Instagram . The steps to follow are:

  • First of all, open the Instagram app and log in.
  • Now, go to your profile or Feed.
  • Between your bio and posts, locate the Featured Stories section.
  • There, press the plus sign found on the button with the name “New”.
  • You will see all the stories that you have recently uploaded.
  • Select the ones you want to highlighton Instagram.
  • Press the button in the upper right corner that says “Next”.
  • Choose the cover of the story and its name.
  • Press “Edit cover” to select the cover of the new story.
  • Choose an image from your collection or from your gallery for this.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Confirm all your actions to “Done” to create your featured story.

That’s all! Once you have done all this, you will be able to see how the featured story is added to your Instagram profile, although you can also do this from the Stories themselves, by selecting “Featured” when sharing them. Of course, if one day you get bored with it, you can delete the story from your file without any problem.

How to organize Instagram Featured Stories?

Having our featured Instagram stories organized is very important, as this will allow those who see them to understand and enjoy them much better.

Something you can do to have them more organized is to put an icon or image that characterizes it as a cover, to indicate what it will be about. This is especially useful when uploading multiple photos to the story , as it prevents viewers from being confused or misunderstanding their purpose. Apart from this, you can put a name that indicates well what the person will find in the story when he sees it.

And if necessary at some point, you can easily edit the stories that you have highlighted . We hope that this guide can be of great use to you and that you highlight up to 100 wonderful stories on Instagram.


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