How macOS Monterey works on the MacBook Pro.

Apple technology users have different attitudes towards updating the operating system. Some are in a hurry to be among the first to try out all the new chips, the second wait for the first to test everything, and only then sit down to update, the third even prefer to stay on the previous version. I, on duty, rolled macOS Monterey right after the release. I can’t say that my MacBook has turned into a brick. In general, everything works as it should. However, some difficulties could not be avoided. Today I propose to discuss the problems of macOS Monterey and talk about ways to solve them.

I faced these problems of MacOS Monterey personally.

I never thought that after a year and a half after the purchase I would call my laptop an old man. There is nothing to be done, the transition to Apple Silicon has done its job. At first, of course, I thought that all the problems that I had were the fate of only computers based on Intel, but later, when reviews of newer computers began to appear on the network, I realized that I was not the only one.

The MacBook is noisy. What to do

Before updating to MacOS Monterey, I heard the noise of coolers on my laptop no more than five times during the entire time of use. Mostly when I was studying Final Cut Pro. Now, the laptop is noisy every day. This is especially true of software from Google and Microsoft. In fact, it is enough to turn on music in Apple Music in the background, open Google Chrome and that’s it. The laptop works as if not in itself.

After updating the MacBook, it started to make a lot of noise.

Microsoft Teams is another matter. There is generally a gloomy darkness. It is clear that I am not using the site voluntarily, but this program is absolutely not optimized for macOS. I’m not talking about screen sharing or a bunch of open tabs in parallel. The laptop starts making noise almost immediately after starting the program. I would like to believe that in the near future the developers will optimize their software and the problem will be solved. For now, let’s figure out what to do if the MacBook starts making a lot of noise :

  • Use Safari instead of Google Chrome.
  • Use your laptop only on a hard surface.
  • Contact the service center for service.

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AirDrop doesn’t work

For me, AirDrop is not just a toy, but a necessity. Almost all of the images you can see in the articles were taken with ProCreate on the iPad. Well, here, by analogy with the AirPods headphones. If in a bundle of iPhone + iPad the data transfer chip works just fine, then with the Mac everything is very bad.

My Mac sees the devices of the neighbors, but not mine.

I have encountered jams since Big Sur, but now it is already impossible to endure. If you are faced with something similar, then try this method:

  • Open Finder.
  • Select AirDrop.
  • Click Allow My Discovery: Everyone at the bottom of the window.
  • Then reboot your device.

Also, make sure your iPhone, iPad, or other gadget is unlocked. Up to this point, AirDrop may not see the device.

I did so literally right after I discovered the problem, but to no avail. As a result, the function started working on its own on the third day after the update, but it still lags. Well, blessing there is Telegram with its cool features . Now you have to drop all the pictures there, and then open them on the iPad.

Screenshot on Mac

A really new problem for me is freezing screenshots. Again, at work, you have to do them dozens of times a day and sometimes you have to wait for a response for 5-6 minutes. To take a screenshot on a Mac , I hold down the Shift, Command and 3 keys, and that’s it, the computer freezes.

The screenshot on my MacBook works every other time.

The screenshot is displayed in the lower right corner and you cannot do anything with it. It cannot be dragged or saved. Later I found out that the owners of Macs on M1 mostly face similar problems, but the problem also affected me with Intel.

  • Press Cmd + Shift + 5 to go to Screenshot.
  • Click on the Options button.
  • In the Microphone section, select No.
  • Close screen recording settings.

Pay attention to the Parameters section. In addition to Microphone, it contains options such as Timer and Save Location. Make sure you are looking for the screenshot in the location where it was saved.

Other problems that my colleagues wrote about have bypassed me. Basically, everything that I described above is not critical for most users. I think Apple will fix bugs in the next minor updates, and third-party developers will optimize their software for the new operating system.

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