How Lovoo works: complete guide

Let ‘s find out how Lovoo works , the dating app for flirting, chatting and making new friends. A complete guide on Lovoo’s services.

If you want to make new acquaintances, even of an emotional type, Lovoo has probably been recommended to you and you can’t wait to use it. In fact, it is a very popular singles dating app where you can interact with people of all sexes, ages and interests. If before creating your account, however, you want to deepen its functioning and understand how it works, you have ended up in the right place.

In this guide we will explain how Lovoo works , a complete guide that will help you step by step in achieving your goal, among other things. Enjoy the reading.


  • How Lovoo works
    • How to subscribe to Lovoo
    • How to register on Lovoo
    • How to match on Lovoo
    • How Lovoo live works
    • What does the green dot on Lovoo mean and what are the other symbols
    • How to unsubscribe from Lovoo

How Lovoo works

Lovoo is an instant messaging app present on digital stores; you can find it both on the Google Play Store and on the App Store and it is essentially free to download and use, although there are some paid functions that make the experience and the ability to match even simpler and more intuitive.

The free version of Lovoo allows you to create your own account and see the profile of other people to give appreciation. It also allows you to send up to 3 messages a day before having a block that can only be removed by activating Loovoo Premium .

Lovoo connects singles of all sexes and all ages present on the app and allows them to talk after they have made a match, i.e. they have chosen each other among the many profiles available that are offered periodically based on interests in common and distance between them.

There are also live functions , where you can start live, or trends, dating options and profiles specially selected for you.

How to subscribe to Lovoo

The free version of Lovoo has several limitations and a massive presence of advertising . If you want to remove them, we recommend that you subscribe to Lovoo Premium : it is a subscription with several options:

  • € 8.16 per month for 12 months;
  • € 16.98 per month;
  • 99 euros every 3 months.

Specifically, you will be able to see all the people who have visited your profile and those who have liked it. You can also send unlimited messages and see new subscribers in advance so you can be the first to like or send a private message. Furthermore, if you subscribe to Lovoo Premium you will be able to like profiles that you have discarded if you have changed your mind and hide your profile by remaining in invisible mode (no one will be able to see you and no one will be able to contact you).

If you do not want to subscribe to Lovoo Premium you can buy credits to purchase specific features : these have a cost of 4.99 euros for 500 credits or 9.99 euros for 1,000 credits. From the Lovoo app homepage by pressing at the bottom on Notifications and then on Credits , at the top right, you can take advantage of many other options to earn free credits; the same can be earned for free by watching advertising videos directly in the app at certain specific times.

How to register on Lovoo

To register with Lovoo, connect to the official website and press the Register now button . Press the Let’s Start button and enter your email and password , then click Next .

Under Enter your name specify the name you want to appear under and click Next .

Then, specify your date of birth and gender to allow Lovoo to keep them in its database

After these steps, the site will ask you to upload a photo of yourself. Click on the + button and choose a photo from the gallery, or take one on the spot: if you have connected the aforementioned accounts, you can choose one directly from Facebook.

Select the arrow pointing to the right and when the app asks you “What are you really looking for” select your preference from those available. It is about:

  • A serious story;
  • Nothing challenging;
  • Let’s see what happens;
  • New friends, chat
  • Stream di live.

Finally, you will have to select the sex of who you would like to meet between women, men or both and click on Register . On the next page you can download the app for Android and iOS and access Lovoo.

You will receive an email to confirm your email address and as a reward you will receive 3 Icebreakers and 100 credits.

Once you have downloaded the app you can continue to fill in your profile with physical data and educational qualifications, and answer several questions for an affinity test. Afterward, you can also create a short bio; if you wish, you can also check your profile for the chance to do even more matches. This is, in summary, the way to register with Lovoo.

How to match on Lovoo

Matching on Lovoo is very simple. It is, in essence, the option that allows you to get in touch with other people who are looking for singles like you: when the compatibility is mutual, then two people can start chatting for free.

If you want to like other users, the first thing to do is to press on the match item located at the bottom of the smartphone home page: the program will show you different profiles: if you swipe to the left or press X , then the profile it will be discarded and you will move on to the next one. If you swipe to the right – or press the heart or email icon – you will have left a like : if the user does the same thing, then you will have a match.

When you match, you get a notification on the app. By clicking on it you can view all the details. We remind you that by activating Lovoo Premium you will be able to view the users who have liked you who you have not reciprocated and see who has looked at your profile , sending them private messages without any limit.

Two other interesting features are:

  • Near you, icon at the bottom left, to take advantage of geolocation and find people not far from you. This is also to check if they are online.
  • Your Best Picks of the day: heart-shaped icon with padlock to find people like you. By pressing the lock icon with the heart of the proposed profile, the system will give a percentage of affinity. With the possibility of contacting the profile after subscribing to one of the Premium subscription plans.
  • Chat: icon at the bottom with cloud to view new matches, icebreakers and to play Match.

How Lovoo live works

A new and much appreciated feature by users is that of Loovo Live . Each user can start a live stream or watch those of other people by sending messages or reactions. To access the function, press the Live item at the bottom left of the main menu and choose the preferred category from those available. Once you have identified the live broadcast, click on the preview image and connect.

When you are inside a Lovoo live you can send a heart or any other message . If you want to share this event with someone, click the + button to send the link to a guest. To activate your live, however, click on Go live, I understand and then start. You can enter a description to attract even more users.

What does the green dot on Lovoo mean and what are the other symbols

Lovoo is a dating app that gives its best using the instant messaging present within the service. Of course, the application uses some symbols to launch messages that everyone can understand. In particular, a green dot placed on another user’s profile means that that person is online , so sending them a message or a like will make it easier for them to reply to you.

There are also other symbols on Lovoo that mean something else: in particular, a blue shield means that the person has verified his identity; the ticks for the messages instead can be of two types, similar to those of Whatsapp: a green tick tells you that the message has been read, a gray one that has not yet been. This way you can tell if some users are ignoring you.

How to unsubscribe from Lovoo

If, on the other hand, you want to delete your Lovoo profile, the procedure is very simple. From the application, select the little man icon on the top left and access your personal profile. Select the gear and tap on ” My account  , then click on ” Delete account “. Lovoo will ask you for your password and then a reason why you are deleting the application that you can also not answer. All your data will be deleted and no other users will be able to find you anymore.

If you want to continue to find singles, or you want to have fun talking to strangers, you can try reading this article on chats without registration : these are tools that have a similar operation to Lovoo chat but differ in some points.


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