How long is Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin?

We tell you how long the main story of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin lasts, now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Capcom’s new JRPG adventure, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin , the spin-off of the Monster Hunter franchise , is available from July 9 , 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch consoles . Surely, if you have come this far, it is because you wonder how long the main story of this title lasts , a question of the most common among players. Well, keep reading because below we clarify the duration of MH Stories 2.

How long is Monster Hunter Stories 2?

  • Completing the main story in Monster Hunter Stories 2 takes about 40 hours or so.

This is an average calculation taking into account the number of main missions and cutscenes or dialogues, but of course the figure can vary from player to player depending on the pace of each one to progress.


What we can assure you is that, at least, the story of MH Stories 2 lasts practically the same as its first installment , originally from Nintendo 3DS, which could be completed in about 35 hours or so as those who could taste it themselves will know. .

Game duration with secondary content

Obviously the duration of the game increases a lot if we want to obtain 100% progress. This is if we take into account the multiple secondary missions it offers, the treasure chests that are in each area and, above all, the enormous number of monsters in the bestiary . The most complete players who want to hunt down all the monsters or obtain Monsties with extraordinary genes to form the best possible team, are more than likely to reach 60 hours or more of gameplay.

As if that were not enough, once you complete the main story of MH Stories 2, the missions of rank G or higher are unlocked , which means that you will be able to fight absolutely all the monsters again, but this time they are more powerful and challenging. This can easily raise the hours of the game to more than a hundred .

In addition, and to curl the loop, Capcom has promised a series of free post-launch content updates , that is, they will be published during the months before the game is released, so that even more content will be added to the title to extend its duration. Come on, fun is more than assured.

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