How long does it take to get over “it takes two”?

For all the joy Hazelight Studios’ offerings can bring to co-op enthusiasts, they share a common complaint of being too short. As such, they wouldn’t blame you for looking at their new title and immediately wondering: How long does it take to beat It Takes Two? And what factors increase or decrease this playing time?

Will, luckily for you, we’ve finished the game and found an answer. Also, as a bonus, we can give you the answer without fear of spoilers.

How long does it take to beat two? Answered

It Takes Two will keep you busy for 10-14 hours before you get over it.

Where you are in that range will be determined by a few different factors. If you find yourself struggling with certain puzzles or decide to delve into the many minigames available with a playmate of your choice, you will opt for a longer game.

On the other hand, if you find yourself going through all the puzzles and don’t bother to go through the side content, you will find your game faster.

How much you care about the story can also skew your total playing time. If you don’t care about cut scenes, you can skip them however you like and cut out a significant chunk of playtime in the process.

Overall though, you can be sure that It Takes Two is one of Hazelight Studios’ most robust games to date. It’s packed with creative cooperative play, and its story of a newlywed couple struggling to work together carries more emotional weight than you might think.

That’s all there is to know . How long does it take to beat It Takes Two? . For more information on the game, visit our wiki or check out one of the articles below. Similarly, for more information on previous Hazelight Studios titles, check out our A Way Out review.

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