How long does it take to be able to speak English actively

How long does it take to learn English ?”. Have you ever wondered about this? This is a very common question asked by English learners. Although this question sounds simple, it is not easy to answer. Why not, there are English learners who only need a few months to be able to actively speak English, but there are also those who take years. Everyone has different results, sooner or later, determined by how much effort to achieve them. So it is necessary to analyze and explain specifically to answer the question “how long does it take to be able to speak English”.

Here are 5 things that affect how long a person takes to master English :

Basic Skill

Each individual’s basic English skills are different, this certainly determines how long it will take him to be active in English. For those of you who are used to listening to English sentences, it may take you a relatively shorter time than those who are not at all familiar with English.

Massive Input

Have you ever thought, how can we speak Indonesian so fluently since childhood? or have you ever been surprised by small children in Canada who speak English very fluently? The answer is simple, because they are used to hearing. Imagine, we hear Indonesian words and sentences from birth and this happens intensively and repeatedly. This allows us to record, store and subsequently disclose. That’s the concept of language. From this concept we can conclude that massive input is an effective technique to accelerate the process of learning foreign languages. Activities that you can do to increase your input include:

Communicating in English with friends

  • Listening to music in English at the same time emphasizes vocabulary enrichment. (note each new vocabulary)
  • Set your device and social media in English
  • Watch English films (English subtitles are recommended too)
  • Follow/add your favorite figures from abroad, so you will get used to reading English sentences


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