How long does an online loan transfer take to my bank account?

This is a very common question among users, and it is that, depending on the bank from which it is transferred, the day and the time, transfers can take from a few minutes to five business days. To know how long an online loan transfer takes to your bank account, keep reading!

Knowing how long it takes to make a bank transfer effective is very convenient when requesting loans. This way you can ensure that the money arrives on time.

How long does it take for an Online Loan Transfer to my Bank Account?

How long does an online loan transfer take to my bank account?

Well this depends on several factors. By law, lenders must make the transfer on one business day, that is, between Monday and Friday taking into account holidays.

You can put and see Google Calendar on the desktop of the PC in such a way that you have a clear notion of the days that elapse for that moment.

It is important to clarify that banks have a “Cut-off time”. That is, if the account movement is made after this time, the money will be paid for the next day. This schedule will depend on the issuing bank, although normally the cut-off time is in the afternoon.

So, if you have asked for a loan and it has been approved in the afternoon. It is very possible that the bank’s cut-off time has already been exceeded. That is, the transfer will be executed for the next day. Also, if it is different banks, this procedure will take another 24 hours. Thus, you would receive your money after 48 business hours.


Most companies and lenders offer you the money in a few minutes. However, this refers to the submission and approval of the loan application. The time it really takes for your money to cash will depend on the banks. So, how long does an online loan transfer take to my bank account?

Time depending on the type of transfer

As mentioned above, depending on the type of transfer, the money may take more or less time to cash out. Government money such as ISSSTE loans and all types of personal loans as well as premiums such as the Working Woman bonus , is delayed longer than it should.

Here’s how long does it take for an online loan transfer to my bank account?

Transaction between the same banks

These types of transfers take the least time to reach their destination. As it is the same bank, the operation does not have to go through the Bank of Spain, so it is done immediately. Thus, the beneficiary gets his money in a few minutes.

Banks have a bandwidth system and internet connection according to their needs, different from a local network. Depending on how many megabytes the internet connection has , obviously its speed will be higher.

Immediate transfers between different banks

With this service it is possible to send money to all SEPA countries almost immediately . This transaction usually takes no more than ten minutes to become effective. However, it has a cost, although this does not usually exceed € 1 per operation.

It also has a maximum amount of 5,000 euros per day, or 15,000 euros per month. Normally, financial companies do not usually use this type of transfers when sending loans to users.

Order of funds movements


This is an urgent transfer, also called OMF . Normally, transactions between different banks usually take 24 hours if both banks are in national territory.

If for reasons of force you have to transfer money to an account of another bank, but you need it to be done immediately, you have to request a funds movement order.

In the same way, this must be approved by the Bank of Spain , and must be done before 4 in the afternoon. It is important that you know that these types of movements carry an additional amount that will be given according to the amount of money you will send.

Like the previous type of transfers, lenders do not usually make use of this modality. Therefore, if you want to request an urgent loan, you must take your precautions.

Bank transfers between different banks

If it is not an immediate transfer between different banks, the time it will take to take effect will be 24 to 48 business hours. This type of movement is characterized by having a “cut-off time”, if it is carried out after that time, you must wait until the next business day.

Before applying for a loan, you must take into account what day you will do it and the time it takes for each transfer. This way you will know how long it takes to transfer the online loan to your bank account.


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