How Long Does A Jellyfish Sting Last

How Long Does A Jellyfish Sting Last.Being stung by a jellyfish causes unpleasant moments that must be carefully addressed with the right solutions.Jellyfish have an umbrella-shaped body and have a mouth on the lower part of the body bordered by tentacles.These animals have cells with toxic substances used to capture their prey. The toxic liquid that causes severe pain is found inside stinging structures called nematocysts, located mainly in the tentacles.There are three substances present in the tentacles, inside the so-called cnidocysts, primarily responsible for skin inflammation: hypnotoxin, thalassin and congestin.

Jellyfish sting: How Long Does A Jellyfish Sting Last.

The jellyfish sting remains on the skin for a variable time, but its symptoms tend to fade over time, also depending on the affected area and the type of jellyfish affected. Generally the most annoying symptoms such as burning remain for a good half hour, while the minor ones such as itching can last for days.

It should be remembered that all these parameters depend on individual subjectivity, one’s psychological resistance and some physical factors. A healthy person without allergies to the substances mentioned above will have less difficulty than an elderly person or especially a child.

The effect is similar to a burn, but with the jellyfish sting the itch after a week should no longer bother us. It can last a few hours or days: effects and symptoms vary according to the type of jellyfish and skin of the affected person (especially if it is a child ). More dangerous and worrying cases of anaphylactic shock can occur: in this case, do not hesitate to contact a specialist who will offer you the most specific and suitable treatment for your case and, if necessary, go immediately to the doctor’s office (or emergency room) .

If the jellyfish sting has not healed after a week after you have treated it with remedies, then it is good to contact your doctor.

Jellyfish sting: the best remedies

There are also less home remedies and more elaborate remedies for jellyfish stings. There are many of them on the Amazon e-commerce platform, and we wanted to select the best among them

  • Respingo Jellyfish Protective Jellyfish Spray for Adults and Children:This spray suitable for everyone is designed to offer preventive protection against the stings of many marine beings, from jellyfish to sea lice. Its formula consists in creating a protective film for the skin, reducing inflammation and burning reactions.
  • Plasmon – Most astringent gel 50 ml:In case the damage is already done, Plasmon offers this interesting post-puncture gel. Its action soothes pain and counteracts inflammation, as well as greatly limiting the appearance of bubbles and blisters. The aluminum chloride present in the chemical composition is one of the best allies against jellyfish.
  • Medifit Stick After Bite – 40 gr:This after-bite stick is designed for a more general use, also adapting to needs such as mosquito or tick bites. Plus it is made from 90% natural ingredients.
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