How long can the PS4 stay in sleep mode without problems?

Playing with the PS4 is without a doubt something great that many would like to do and thus be able to appreciate the graphics of the last generation games. And not to mention the catalog of games that it has, having many gems that you can enjoy and configure in resolutions such as HDR in PS4 Slim Pro 4K .

Surely it has happened to you that you are downloading a game or resting after a game and suddenly your PS4 begins to make strange little noises. You may wonder if it is good to leave it in sleep mode for a long time or you want to know how long you can stay like that without affecting the machine.

How Long Can the PS4 Stay in Sleep Mode Without Problems?

Well, you are not the only one who asks, and although there is no direct statement from Sony about it, we can give you clues that will tell you how long it can be like this.

So read our article and maybe even learn a thing or two about your PS4 console, if so then our work is done. So read very carefully so that you can know how long your PS4 can be in sleep mode without affecting the console .

What is sleep mode?


First of all, what is sleep mode? Well if you don’t know, sleep mode is a function of the console that makes the screen turn off and the PS4 consumes very little power. This allows that if you have not used your console in a long time it does not turn off and you can use it whenever you want without problems.

This is very useful if you need to download a game or you have to stop playing, but you want to have it turned on for when you are free to return to your games. Activating this setting is very simple. You just have to go to “settings” then to “Energy saving settings” and set the “sleep mode” function.

So in case you did not have it configured you can program all the allowed actions that you can perform in this mode. Knowing this will allow us to have a broader framework to better understand what this mode allows and will give us an idea of ​​how long it can be like that.

How long can the PS4 be in sleep mode?


As we said previously, Sony has not issued an official statement on how long the PS4 can be in sleep mode. However, we can have a clue if we analyze the comments of the users of this console and their experience.

Many seasoned gamers have used their PS4 constantly without resting for several days in a row and say that their PS4 is fine. As there are also people who say that when they have their PS4 in sleep mode for a long time the console starts making strange noises or overheating. There are even some PS4s that don’t turn on or give video .

The sleep mode of a PS4 is a mode that allows you to save energy by disabling non-vital functions of the console system. So if your PS4 is in this mode it is unlikely to suffer any damage because the system is so to speak protected.

However, it is also true that it is not very good to have any equipment whatever it is on for a long time because they can fail. Even phones that are made to be on at all times do not, as they will turn off at some point in their useful life.

So if you want your console to have many years of useful life you should pay it from time to time to rest and more if it begins to overheat or make noises. Always try to be balanced and take good care of your console and one way to do that is to turn it off if you are not going to use it at that time.

If you don’t know how to turn it on and off correctly, you should investigate about it so that you can take better care of your PS4. By following these insurance tips you will not have any problems and your console will last many more years for you to enjoy.


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