How Kindle Unlimited Works

All about Kindle Unlimited: what is the Amazon service and how it works that allows you to read millions of books.

If you are wondering what Kindle Unlimited is , know that it is an Amazon service that allows you to read millions of books on all Kindle devices, on mobile phones, Android tablets, iPads, PCs and Macs through the Kindle app. Try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days here .

The books you will read will not arrive at home in “paper” format as they are ebooks , ie digital books. To access the service, you must subscribe or access the free 30-day Kindle Unlimited trial .

  1. What is Kindle Unlimited
  2. How Kindle Unlimited Works
  3. Kindle Unlimited cost
  4. Kindle Unlimited for free
  5. Kindle Unlimited catalog
  6. Kindle Unlimited: where I read books

What is Kindle Unlimited

This subscription is designed for those who love to read and do so frequently. It is in fact an Amazon-  branded service  that allows you to access a vast catalog of digital books, usable on your e-Reader or with the free Amazon Kindle application at no additional cost and / or limitation, upon payment of a monthly subscription.

To access Kindle Unlimited, you must have an Amazon account. If you decide to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, during the subscription period, you will have a catalog of books made up of over a million titles, including more than 30,000 in Italian.

With Kindle Unlimited you can download up to a maximum of 10 titles at a time and read them on all Kindle devices and on Android phones or tablets, iPads, iPhones, PCs and Macs through free Kindle reading applications.

How Kindle Unlimited Works

Here are the simple steps to take to enter the world of Kindle Unlimited:

  1. Log into Amazon or sign up by creating an account (free)
  2. Go back to visit this news after logging in / registering and click Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited
  3. If this is your first time, you can try the service for free for 30 days, otherwise proceed with the payment to sign up for a subscription
  4. follow the Amazon wizard… and happy reading!

Kindle Unlimited cost

The subscription to Kindle Unlimited costs 9.99 euros per month , with automatic monthly renewal.

You can download a maximum of 10 titles at a time: once you have read one or more, you can return it and download another.

Kindle Unlimited for free

Before signing up for a subscription or if you are curious to know if you like the idea of ​​reading a paperless book , know that Amazon gives you the opportunity to try Kindle Unlimited for free for 30 days.

Upon expiry of the trial period, the membership is converted to a paid subscription. You can unsubscribe at any time.



We remind you to unsubscribe if you have no interest in paying the subscription after trying the free service. Our guide on how to unsubscribe Kindle Unlimited may help .

Kindle Unlimited catalog

The Kindle Unlimited catalog is truly vast as it can count on millions of titles divided by genres, authors, bestsellers, news, topics and so on.

When looking for a book on Amazon, just select the kindle version (many books are in fact available both digitally and in print) and look for the Kindle Unlimited icon . In this case, all you have to do is click on the “Read for free with Kindle Unlimited” button to start reading for free.

In the image we show you which books you can download with Kindle Unlimited :

Kindle Unlimited: where I read books

Kindle Unlimited allows you to read ebooks (or e-books) on the following devices:

  • Kindle devices
  • Android phones or tablets with Kindle App on Google Play
  • iPad or iPhone with Kindle App on the App Store
  • PC and Mac with Kindle Desktop App
  • Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome Extension
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