How iPhone 13 Harms Old iPhones

As skeptics predicted, the start of iPhone 13 sales was not without surprises. The new generation of iPhone was called boring, and advised to postpone the purchase of a new iPhone until next year. There was a rare consensus in the media – to skip and not to buy. Something like this happens every year, but this scale of a campaign against Apple in my memory has never taken place. The skeptics were right, but only partially. As is most often the case, the new generation iPhones are very well received. The surprise is that they are being bought too well, and Apple will have to sacrifice something to cope with this scourge. Victims are indispensable. Old iPhones that are still on sale will be sacrificed.

iPhone 13 was in short supply at the start of sales, so Apple focused on it

Actually, from the news about the sacrifice of these models, we learned about the abnormally high sales of the iPhone 13. Something like this could be guessed due to the delivery time of the ordered iPhone 13 – in most countries of the world they promise to be delivered in 4-5 weeks. In the Russian Federation, the ordered iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13 will have to wait 3-4 weeks, and the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max – 4-5 weeks. This happens in the first weeks of sales of new iPhone models every year, but this year the waiting times are sky-high.

Да ладно? iPhone 13 обошёл по продажам все прошлые модели

Despite the fact that this year Apple was going to save customers from a long wait, and, according to information from unofficial sources, the iPhone 13 was ordered and delivered in much larger quantities than usual. Usually, in case of unexpectedly low demand, relatively few of them are imported before the start of sales. This rule was broken in 2018, the iPhone XS and XS Max were delivered in huge quantities – but they did not go. If I were Apple, I would issue a press release explaining the long wait times, along the way explaining why the delivery is delayed. Apple is silent.

IPhone 13 shortage

Apple refocused production facilities to release iPhone 13

It would seem, what problems – you just need to order additional lots of iPhone 13 (including the iPhone 13 mini, they are also taken with a bang). No one will refuse to earn extra money. Even in the holiday quarter, when factories are inundated with orders, this has never been a problem. But in the yard – the fall of 2021. There is a shortage of electronic components in the world, primarily chips. Apple will deal with the rest of the components, there are both stocks and backup options. But with chips, everything is different. The chips used in the iPhone are manufactured in the factories of the only company in the world, TSMC. Its capacities are 100% loaded by the end of the year. They have to work around the clock, seven days a week. With stops for equipment inspection and maintenance.

Сколько стоят компоненты iPhone 13 Pro? Спойлер: это не себестоимость

For Apple, TSMC should “pour” 90 million Apple A15, or even a little more. When this became known, skeptics were delighted: the insane Apple is in danger of losses! So many smartphone chips that no one will buy! It turned out that they were ordered too few. A solution has been found, negotiations with TSMC have already been held, and the changeover of TSMC’s capacities has already begun. The last quarter of the year is special, it feeds the year. You need to act quickly. Some of the capacities at which chips were produced for old and special iPhone models and some iPads will be reconfigured. These are Apple A13 and Apple A14. A13 is used in iPhone SE 2, iPhone 11 and iPad 9th generation. A14 is available in iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, and 4th generation iPad Air. Only part of the capacity will be re-configured, but because of this, the supply of old iPhones is likely to cause problems. If the planned measures are not enough to overcome the crisis, the rest will probably be readjusted. But it seems that they should be enough.

IPhone 13 sales

iPhone 13 is being sold very actively. More active than all the previous ones

Skeptics are not appeasing, now they write about the disappointment of those who bought the iPhone 13 in their purchase. Surely there are some – but I don’t think there are many of them. In general, reviews of the generation of iPhone with an unlucky number in the model designation are positive. On October 28, during Apple’s public report to shareholders, if the number of iPhone 13 ordered was impressive, it could be announced. Although it is clear without this – the demand is rush. This cannot go on indefinitely.

Сравнение скорости зарядки iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 mini и 13 Pro Max. Какой из них самый быстрый

At a time when new iPhone models were almost cult objects, within a few weeks after the start of sales, they dropped to normal levels. The likelihood that they will drop to almost zero, as skeptics suggest, is negligible. Unless they find something terrible in the iPhone 13, something that cannot be eliminated. It is also unlikely, but everything can be. True, the iPhone 13 has already been tried in the most extreme conditions, disassembled to a screw, thrown on a concrete floor – what they just did not do. It seems that the next model of the most important product of the company was a success.

IPhone 13 processor

A15 Bionic processor is better than Apple said it was

On September 14, Apple tricked us. Introducing the chip used in the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and 6th generation iPad mini, the company understated its data. Not much, but still. In fact, the performance of this chip, the Apple A15 Bionic, is not at all one and a half times higher than that of its main and so far only competitor (Qualcomm’s chip in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra).

iPhone 13 Pro Max против Samsung S21 Ultra: кто проработает дольше?

It is 62% higher. Modesty, of course, beautifies – but not to the same extent. Usually, on the contrary, during presentations, they exaggerate the merits of their products. The new Apple chip, on the contrary, turned out to be better than it was told about. Tests by serious experts and real-world tests have proven this. Apple has not forgotten how to develop chips, now it has been proven.

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