How I change the iPhone code from iCloud

Today it is normal for phones, tablets, to request for security reasons, that you place a pin or code . That is why it is good to place alert notification applications where they send you a message to change your password. These notices are sent through the configuration profiles and email accounts based on the support provided by the iPhone company for that purpose.

The aforementioned is excellent because it allows you to lock your digital device so that no one can snoop on your confidential information. And it’s also great that they send password change messages, as they don’t easily unlock your device that way.

Even so, if your iPhone device is lost or stolen, you have the option of being able to block it through the imei to provide another layer of security, now many of us have a 4-digit code on our iPhone device and we want to change it to a 6-digit code. , to make it easier to use or simple to use for the user in question.

We change it to a 6-digit code because we want to make it more difficult to crack, but many times it doesn’t work. So we proceed to change the unlock code for a more secure one in Settings, follow the steps and at the end select Custom Alphanumeric Code.

That said, there are those who after having their 6-digit code want to put the 4-digit code again. That’s why we asked, How to change the unlock pin or code from 6 to 4 digits on iPhone from iCloud? Before answering this question, we are going to define what iCloud is since, for this, we will change the code.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s web storage server that keeps photos, documents, and other necessary information up-to-date. In addition, having an iCloud account has many advantages , they will also be available at each of the connection points where we have the iCloud application installed.

Of course, this must be with the same user, on the different computers, so that it works correctly, which makes all our information accessible and available anywhere, with an internet connection.

Currently being the competition of Google Driver, since it has a free plan and paid choices, this free plan allows you to store 5GB, but if you need more space you can request its expansion. The only thing that does not favor it is that the Android app is not available, since Google Drive is.

We can also access or create an account at , where we can see the information we have saved, photos, documents, know if it is blocked by imei.

We can do this in a reliable way, since iCloud offers us the greatest security that we can ask for, even to block imei, only those people we invite will be able to see our information, they will be able to comment and share information with us.

This allows us to do online work with our friends, as documents can be modified online, in real time. What iCloud has a good choice when creating our own online business, from our home.

How I change the iPhone code from iCloud

On iPhone 10 and laggard models, go to Settings, then Face ID and passcode, on iPhone years old devices.

You have to go the same to settings, but you will select Touch ID, although it may not have it, if you do not have the identification in settings such as Touch ID , it is possible that it will be described only as a code.

When you do this, the following options will appear: Deactivate code, change code, request code, allow access when locked, delete data.


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