How HYPE Premium works

Having the need to travel a lot and to make both purchases in stores and withdrawals in various countries around the world, you started looking for an account with an attached debit card that would allow you to do everything easily and, above all, without incurring large expenses . Your research ended when you discovered  HYPE : an electronic money account that includes a debit card from the Mastercard circuit (both physical and virtual) that can be used all over the world and can be easily managed via smartphone or PC app .

More specifically, you were impressed by HYPE Premium , HYPE’s most advanced plan, which includes travel insurance (medical and for delays / cancellations), a World Elite Mastercard debit card that can be used worldwide, the ability to pay both in physical stores and on the Internet (with cashback on over 500 online stores), make free ATM withdrawals around the world, send and receive money without commissions and much more. However, before activating it and opening your account you would like to know a little more.

That’s the way it is, right? Then don’t worry: if you dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me, I can explain to you what HYPE Premium is and how it works . I will then show you the main features of the account, its functions and the procedure for opening it, which – you immediately advance – is very simple and can be completed from the comfort of home. For all the details, read on.More information on HYPE Premium


  • HYPE Premium features and prices
  • How to activate HYPE Premium
  • How to activate the Premium card
  • How to use HYPE Premium
  • How to downgrade to HYPE Plus
  • How to get support from HYPE

HYPE Premium features and prices

Before explaining how to activate the HYPE Premium plan, I think it is appropriate to analyze it in detail and find out what its main features are.

HYPE Premium is the most complete plan of HYPE and, consequently, includes all the features of HYPE Start and HYPE Plus, including the possibility of making purchases both online and in physical stores (obtaining cashback on over 500 stores and with the possibility of pay with Google Pay , Samsung Pay and Apple Pay ); send and receive money; send and receive wire transfers for free; withdraw for free from ATMs around the world (with theft coverage); credit the salary; home utilities; pay bills and bills; set savings goals; make phone top-ups; obtain up to 2,000 euros in credit; buy and sell Bitcoins and much more.

To these benefits are added many others, such as comprehensive travel insurance which includes coverage of medical expenses in the event of a medical emergency abroad, reimbursement of baggage (both in the event of delay and loss), reimbursement for flight delay (for delays of more than 4 hours) and access to over 1,100 airport lounges around the world.

In addition, there are zero fees on payments and withdrawals in any currency and around the world (including paying bills, making top-ups and withdrawing from foreign ATMs); zero spending limits and validation ; a priority assistance service via WhatsApp, email, telephone and chat and a reduction of ATM withdrawal limits (which are equal to 500 euros per single operation, 1,000 euros per day and 10,000 euros per month).

In addition to this, there is the World Elite Mastercard debit card that can be used all over the world to make purchases, both in physical stores and online, in maximum security and with the possibility of taking advantage of exclusive benefits.

HYPE Premium costs 9.90 euros / month with a 25 euros bonus on the first top-up using the PREMIUM25 code during registration. To find out how to activate the plan, read on: everything is explained below.

How to activate HYPE Premium

To activate HYPE Premium , all you have to do is connect to the official HYPE website (from PC or smartphone), click on the button to register and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can do everything in a few minutes directly from home, provided you have a valid identification document at hand and a webcam or smartphone capable of making a short video that you will need to validate your identity (in the first case , make sure you are using a browser with webcam support, such as Chrome ).

The procedure to follow changes if you are already a HYPE Start or HYPE Plus user or if you do not have a HYPE account yet.

  • If you do not yet have a HYPE account: 1)Fill out the form with your personal data (identity data, contacts and residency information), read the privacy policy and the expense information document and move on 2) Choose where to receive the Premium Card and provide your consent to the processing of sensitive data and commercial consent to use the app 3) Fill in the forms relating to “Self-certifications” with the required data on profession, income and assets 4)Record a video with your valid identification document in hand (you can choose between identity card, passport, driving license and health card) and say the sentence that is indicated to you. Make sure that your face and your document are clearly visible 5) Enter the data and front-back photos of the document you used in the video 6) Insert a second document (the paycheck is fine too) or make an identification transfer 7 ) Accept the contract and confirm the previously completed questionnaire 8) Once the verification of your data is finished (within three working days), you will receive an email from HYPE: open it and click on the button contained within it 9)Provide the requested data (this is to confirm data already entered during registration) and type the verification code received via SMS or email. 10) Set the password to access your HYPE account.
  • If you want to switch from HYPE Start or HYPE Plus to HYPE Premium:follow the same procedure illustrated for opening a new account, but using a different identification document than the one you used to activate the current plan. In the case of the transition from HYPE Plus to HYPE Premium, you will be asked to also enter a second document, always different from those used previously (e.g. if you registered for HYPE Plus via selfie accompanied by two identity documents, you will be asked to complete the registration to HYPE Premium with video identification, or by bank transfer).

If any steps are not clear to you and / or you want more information on how to activate your HYPE Premium plan, consult the official HYPE guide .

How to activate the Premium card

After activating HYPE Premium, you will receive at home (or at the address you indicated during registration) the Premium card , thanks to which you will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits to which you are entitled.

In order to start using the card, you will need to activate it. The operation in question is very simple and takes no more than a few seconds: first, start the HYPE app on your smartphone (the application can be downloaded at no cost from the Play Store and Huawei AppGallery on Android and from the App Store on iOS), log into your account and go to the Card section .

Once this is done, press on the item to activate the physical card placed under the graphic representation of the Premium card, enter the CVV code of the same (i.e. the 3-digit code shown on the back of the card) in the appropriate space and you’re done.

Note: if you are switching to HYPE Premium from HYPE Start or HYPE Plus, remember to change the payment details on all the services and online stores you use (as the data of the Premium card will be different from those of the HYPE card you used previously).

How to use HYPE Premium

Once your account and Premium card have been activated, you are ready to exploit the full potential of HYPE. To do this, you can use the HYPE app available on the Play Store and Huawei AppGallery for Android and on the App Store for iOS . However, you can also access the web version of HYPE and manage many aspects of your account from there. But let’s get back to the app.

On the main screen you can find your current balance (in the You can spend field , at the top) and next to it the (+) button , which allows you to top up HYPE by another card, bank transfer or in cash (at supermarkets and SisalPay points | 5 affiliated). Below you will find the boxes with your monthly expenses , the cashback earned and the savings for the goals you have set in the app; while further down you will find the detailed list of recent entries and exits .

By moving to the Savings tab , you can create a goal (e.g. a vacation or the purchase of a smartphone) and let HYPE automatically save you small daily sums to get you to reach it within the set deadline: I’ve talked about it more detailed in another tutorial .

The Payments tab of the application, as easily understood, allows you to make payments of various kinds: you can send and request money to other people (even those who are not yet hypers), pay bills and bills ( more info here ), wire transfers and pay in shops that support payment via app (you can find the affiliated points of sale by pressing the button in question). Alternatively, I remind you that you can easily pay with HYPE in stores through the classic contactless system or through systems such as Google Pay , Samsung Pay andApple Pay .

For online purchases , however, it is possible to use HYPE simply by entering the card data in the payment form. I remind you that it is possible to get cashback from over 500 online stores : you can find all the offers by going to the Menu section of the app and pressing the Offers button .

The section of the Charter of HYPE is rather one that allows you to manage the attached card to the account, if necessary, by choosing whether to put it in pause or enable / disable specific features such as ATM withdrawals , the in-store purchases and online purchases : just move on The relative levers are ON or OFF . It is of course the same screen from which you can activate physical cards (as I explained to you in the previous chapter ).

Finally, in the Menu section you can find all the remaining HYPE functions: the one to activate the insurance for smartphones and vehicles; the one to open a Bitcoin wallet and buy / sell / trade this cryptocurrency ( more info here ); that to request a credit boost of up to 2,000 euros to be repaid in installments; the one dedicated to offers (which I told you a little while ago) and the one to make phone top-ups ( more info here ).

By pressing the Profile icon you can then get a complete overview of your account: profile photo , usage limits , personal information , average stock , bank details (where to find the IBAN of the HYPE account to which to direct top-ups), documents and options to change passwords and set custom notifications .

To learn more and receive more information on the application of HYPE, do not hesitate to read my other tutorial in which I explain how HYPE works .

Before activating HYPE Premium, would you like to know if in case of need it is possible to downgrade to the HYPE Plus plan ? The answer is yes.

By contacting the dedicated HYPE Premium assistance service, via WhatsApp, you can express your will to return to HYPE Plus and thus obtain the plan downgrade. Be careful though.

By downgrading, in fact, Premium insurances will cease their coverage as soon as you receive the communication of successful transition from Premium to Plus. Furthermore, your HYPE Premium card will no longer be active and you will receive a HYPE Plus card instead. both physical and virtual (the latter immediately active and usable for purchases both online and in physical stores).

For more information on the transition from HYPE Premium to HYPE Plus, I invite you to consult the official website of HYPE , where there is also an optional questionnaire to motivate your choice. If you were wondering, it is not possible to return to HYPE Start.

How to get support from HYPE

For more details on HYPE Premium and its operation, you can refer to the FAQ on the HYPE website or contact HYPE support directly.

You can contact HYPE support via chat (by clicking on the comic icon or FAQ link on the official website ), social networks (on Facebook or Twitter ), email and WhatsApp (the latter option is only available for HYPE Premium users and is accessible directly from the app). For more details, read my tutorial on how to contact HYPE .


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