How have I lived my relationships?

We live in times when human relations demand a high degree of exposure from us or even a social demand that “asks” us to “always be well and happy”. Social networks bring with them a good chunk of these requirements and can confuse us immensely. The consequences often bring depression, stress and anxiety. The daily rush, the country’s economic difficulties, public insecurity and everything else have generated a series of emotional difficulties among people.

In all of these situations, we notice that stress often manifests itself. Namely, stress sets in due to an “excessive load of stressful stimuli, distressing situations that the individual has gone through or is going through, such as the death of someone important, the end of a relationship, stressful events, where trips, weddings, change of city or country, financial situation, illness or the simple difficulty of facing day to day, and adapting to the social environment ”(Lipp, et al, 1998).

There are many ways to deal with these daily pressures, but we can think of some favorable situations in our relationships.

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What is essential for us to experience our relationships better?

An element that is essential and, often, technology has taken us away is the quality of our communication . Our conversation, the expression of our ideas and a good face-to-face conversation, having real human contact, looking into each other’s eyes and seeing the reactions of the other have been left aside.

It is very easy to “write feelings or stop writing them” on the screen of a cell phone or a computer. We are losing the ability to identify the emotions in the other, to act with empathy , that is, to put ourselves in the other’s place and feel his pain, or even to understand the circumstances that lead the other to think or act in a certain way.

This “lack of attention” can often lead to disagreements in situations as simple as possible: we all know someone, some couple , friends, co-workers who are having a lot of disagreements.

Our relationships can offer great help to those who are close to us: how many times have you stopped to notice the one who lives inside your own home, the one who works with you, your husband or wife , your boyfriend or your girlfriend ?

What are the biggest difficulties in relationships?

I realize that many of our difficulties in relationships live right there: the difficulty in talking about what we think, as well as the difficulty in talking about what we need in order to relate well. Part of the difficulty we have in listening to the other without giving a prior opinion, that is, listening sincerely and empathetically, listening with an open heart, from our change of attitude, will also change the way we live with the other, as well as helping the other.

Have we looked around us? Many, very close to us, need our attentive gaze, today, they need our empathetic listening and our closeness.

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Let us observe how we have communicated, what is the quality of what we say, the intonation of the voice, the truth in the words, the assertiveness of what we think and to whom we say. Let us remember the time : we dedicate time, with quality, to speak important things. Let’s not talk in the middle, let’s get ready to say. And, above all, let’s get ready to listen to each other. It is essential to listen well to communicate well. If we keep our hearing sharp, we will understand more, and everything will gain quality. Think about it!


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