How Focus Mode works in iOS 15

Focus mode, announced by Apple on June 7, is far from a new feature. I’m even surprised that for some reason no one is in a hurry to convict Apple that this mode appeared on Android much earlier.… In 2019. And in Windows 10 it has been since spring 2018. Perhaps because Apple’s focus mode is similar to these modes purely formally? The name, the tasks that he must solve, and the fact that he is the result of the evolution of the “Do not disturb” mode. Or is it that most Android users don’t even know that Google introduced this mode two years ago? The devices they own do not have it. Android smartphone manufacturers are in no rush to implement it. It is scheduled for release on Apple devices this fall. It will appear on millions of iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watch alongside new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Apple overhauls its approach to notifications in iOS 15

What is Focus in iOS 15

Instead of a single “focus” mode like Google and Microsoft, Apple has a lot of them. Four built-in ones (“Do not disturb” is now one of them) and an unlimited number of those that users can add to them. Any of these modes can be configured to be triggered manually. Or to automatically turn on at a specified time with a specified frequency. Or customized by location.

Focus modes can be adjusted in the Focus section

Or set up automatic switching on by time, location, etc.

If the user has more than one device, he does not have to turn on or off the selected focus mode on each of them. It is enough to turn on or off the mode on one device, on the others it will turn on or off without any action on the part of the user. To make this possible, Apple has been building its ecosystem for years. I spent a lot of time, effort and money on it. But enough of the good things, let’s move on to emotionally neutral facts, and then to disadvantages and even problems.

Which operating systems support Focus mode

Currently, no official version of any of the Apple operating systems supports this mode. It is supported by developer beta versions of macOS 12, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8. Beta versions of these systems are due out for everyone in July. The real life of focus modes and real problems with it will begin in September, October or November. MacOS, iOS and iPadOS will provide full support for this feature, with the ability to create and delete your own modes. A limited version will be available on watchOS . 4 standard modes and that’s it. But with the help of an iPhone paired with an Apple Watch, their composition can also be expanded.

Focus is limited on Apple Watch

Why you need Focus mode in iOS 15

The meaning of the “Do not disturb” mode and the “focusing modes” that evolved from it are in restricting access to information coming from outside. You can easily miss something urgent with irreparable consequences. This side effect is obvious, so there is an exception mechanism in focus modes. List of information sources (phone numbers, accounts in instant messengers, email addresses, etc.) that are not subject to blocking. The list may differ in different focus modes.

You can choose the contacts and applications from which you want to receive notifications yourself

Apple has developed tools to make Focus mode work as expected. For example, an answering machine. By blocking someone’s call (by phone, in our Telegram chat or in WhatsApp), the focus mode can be configured to send a notification with the text like “I’m busy, until such and such time.” If a call or message needs to be delivered immediately, Apple has come up with something for this case as well. What exactly is still unknown. For example, an autoresponder message might include a link to send an emergency message. Delivered regardless of focus mode. But this is nothing more than a version. And I would not offer this option to everyone.

But no matter how competent, responsible and meticulous the testing is, it is impossible to test the product in all possible situations. In real life, most of them will be identified and eliminated. And besides design flaws, there are also developers’ mistakes, so-called bugs, with them the same story. They will definitely be. Even with the most thorough testing, it is impossible to identify all the bugs. Especially those that appeared as a result of urgent bug fixes of the last day. Judging by what is known about Apple’s focus modes, they were tested in real conditions for an order of magnitude longer than they could afford in other companies.


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