How Escape the planet in Subnautica

This is what you must do to escape the planet in the Neptune Escape Rocket in Subnautica. Survive the accident with our complete guide.Subnautica has taken us to the deepest part of the planet, to the Main Containment Facility , to find a cure for the Kharaa Bacterium . Now we can escape the planet , but this requires a few previous steps.

First of all, you must go back to the Execution Platform (the Containment Facility teleportation portal leaves you under it), reach the machine at the end, the one that rejected you long ago , and activate it. This time, as your character has healed, you will deactivate the deadly beam that brought down the Aurora and the Sunbeam.


Now, the time has come to build the Neptune Escape Rocket . Unfold a portable bay, jump in and select the rocket . You need the following materials:

  • Titanium Ingot x2:Must be crafted, requires Titanium x10 (each).
  • Computer Chip:Required for the Advanced Wiring Kit. Crafted, and requires Coral Plate Sample x2 (cut coral plates from any rock near the salvage pod with the knife), Gold (can be obtained by breaking limestone / sandstone rocks in the Crash Zone, going backwards from the Aurora engines) and Copper Wire (with a couple of copper units (can be found in almost any biome, limestone / sandstone, with no problem).
  • Lead x4:e get in the Crash Zone, which is the zone that is on the right and rear sides of the Aurora. Go straight back from the engine (away from the radiation zone) and look for lead formations.

Be careful, by doing this you will build the rocket platform, not the rocket itself . Climb a ladder and interact with the platform console to build the rocket. The rocket is built in several phases . In total, you will need the following items :

  • Plasteel Ingot x4: Itis made with a Titanium and Lithium Ingot x2 (you can find it on the plateaus of the Crash Zone, going towards the rear of the Aurora engines).
  • Copper wire: itis made with Copper x2 (it can be found in almost any biome, limestone / sandstone, without any problem).
  • Oil:Made using Algae Vine Seeds, the yellow bulbs of the long upright algae near the crash site.
  • Nickel ore x3:it is best to look for it on the bed of the Perdido River.
  • Airgel x2: Itis made with Sack of Gel (they are purple viscous balls, they can be found on the seabed) and Ruby (it can be found near Capsule 19).
  • Wiring kit:e factory. Requires Silver x2 (in the same area as the Lead, behind the Aurora engines. There are deposits, but you will usually get this by breaking up limestone or sandstone).
  • Crystalline Sulfur x4: Thisis a material that you can get in the lava area under the Lost River. You can also find it in the Perdido River itself, in the areas with green bioluminescence, near the Center for Disease Research.
  • Kyanite x4:can only be found in the lava area under the Lost River, near the Thermal Power Plant. You need the drill arm of the PRAWN to extract it, they are the blue crystals glued to the walls and the floor of the area.
  • Ion energy cell x2:(the recipe is unlocked in the Thermal Plant, by interacting with the orange terminal). Requires Ion Battery x2 (recipe is unlocked at that point too, materials aren’t complicated) and Silicon Rubber.
  • Cyclops Shield Generator:Advanced Wiring Kit, Polyaniline, Power Cell.
  • Enameled Glass –Crafted, requires Stalker’s Tooth (you have to follow a Stalker and wait for him to try to pick up a reusable piece of Metal. When he picks it up, he can drop a Tooth) and Glass.
  • Computer Chip:Manufactured, and requires Coral Plate Sample x2 (cut the coral plates from any rock near the salvage pod with the knife), Gold, and Copper Wire.

With the rocket finished, go up the elevator (where the metal column is) and enter the rocket. Entering, you must activate the switches on the walls . Simply go around the room and actuate the three levers (Auxiliary Power Unit, Communications Relay, Hydraulic Systems). Now go up the ladder in front of the door .

Once up, activate the life support system and the Main Computer (left and right, respectively). You also have the Time Capsule , with which you can interact to leave a message, an object and an image (check the controls of your platform to know how to take screenshots). This item appears randomly in other players’ games . With everything ready, you only need to interact with the command chair .

As soon as you do, everything will be over . The rocket will take off and your destination, although it seems uncertain, has a hopeful touch … or maybe not?

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