How does the profile manager work in Firefox?

Firefox is a browser that, thanks to its latest updates, has managed to incorporate a tool that makes it possible to work with multiple users through its administrator. If you have this browser, you will be interested in this feature.

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  1. How does the profile manager work in Firefox?
  2. Where is the administrator accessed?
    1. With Firefox open
    2. With Firefox closed
  3. What can be configured within the profile manager?
    1. Create profile
    2. Rename profile
    3. Delete Profile
    4. Run profile in another browser
    5. Set as default profile
  4. How to stop remembering a password in Firefox?

How does the profile manager work in Firefox?

Its operation is similar to that of Chrome , although it can be said that Firefox provides a little more privacy according to its structure, although said Firefox profile manager cannot be modified or changed in its architecture.

It should be noted that these changes were included, due to multiple requests by users of this search engine, and although the administrator cannot be modified, we can register several accounts to use them at different times depending on the function.

For example, you can create a fairly generous number of profiles, as well as delete or configure them, taking into account that each profile contains information independent of another , such as your data, bookmarks, browsing history, add-ons and other issues.

Where is the administrator accessed?

It should be noted that there are two ways to enter this administrator, one is with the search engine open and the other through the Windows start button when the search engine is closed. One is by using the browser’s search bar and the other is by using the Windows Run program.

With Firefox open

To access the profile manager section we must write ” about: profiles ” in the address bar of the Firefox browser and press enter.

Once this is done, a window will be displayed with some options which are: create a new profile, delete a profile, change name, run profile in another browser and set profile as default.

With Firefox closed

To know how to enter and manage the closed Firefox profile manager is a bit more complicated, you just have to follow a few steps:

  • The first thing is to enter the run dialog box, for this, just press the start button and type run and the box will appear.
  • In this box you will write “firefox.exe -p” and press accept, with this the profile manager window will appear.
  • This profile manager will be equipped with the same options explained when you enter the administrator through Firefox open, only with a characteristic Windows design.

What can be configured within the profile manager?

The options shown by the Firefox profile manager have a series of fairly simple steps that are explained in the manager itself.

Create profile

With this option you can add more profiles to your search engine and configure them in the way that suits you best. You can have a profile for each aspect of your life , for example, a work and a personal one.

Rename profile

As its title says, with this option you can change the names of one or more of your Firefox profiles.

Delete Profile

This option helps you get rid of the profiles that are no longer useful to you, it should be added that you will not be able to delete the profile you are using at that time.

Run profile in another browser

With this option you can open another Firefox window with this profile. This is very useful so as not to alter the cache settings , bookmarks, etc., in the current browser window.

Set as default profile

This option allows you to select the profile that you will use by default , at the start of your browser the first time it is run during the day.

How to stop remembering a password in Firefox?

If for some reason you have changed your mind about the passwords that you have saved in your Firefox profile, you just have to enter the Firefox menu.

Once there you select the option ” login and passwords ” and a new tab called Firefox Lockwise Tool will appear.

In this tab there is a writing bar to search for any site or username that you want to modify or delete .

Once you have selected your option after the search, you can view, copy, edit or delete the password for the page or profile in question so that Firefox will stop remembering or autocomplete it .

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